Sports Graphics Forum 2020

Monday, March 30, 2020ESPN's Spike Szykowny on the Arduous Process of Redeveloping Monday Night Football's GraphicsESPN's NFL property, Monday Night Football, is a legacy title for the four-letter network. Over its long lineage, MNF has continued to remain contemporary and fresh with its on-air templates, but for its 50th anniversary, the creative team wanted to honor its history while embracing styles of the present and future. During the Closing Keynote of the SVG Sports Graphics Forum, Michael “Spike” Szykowny, senior director, motion graphics and production planning, ESPN Creative Services, provided a detail presentation about the thought process, influential designs, and color palette that transformed the graphics package of the 2020 season.Monday, March 30, 2020Big Studios' Joss Meinert Showcases Year's Worth of Motion GraphicsThroughout a year, any company can mix and match styles to reflect a certain emotion or messaging. For Big Studios, three-dimensional graphics were their bread and butter. At the SVG Sports Graphics Forum, Joss Meinert, owner/director, Big Studios, breaks down the company's wide array of motion graphics applications including virtual reality and augmented reality in sports that range from esports to generic stick and ball sports.Wednesday, March 25, 2020NBC Sports' Chad Hudson Recaps 2019 NHL, NFL, NASCAR, IndyCar Graphics PackageA lot of preparation and execution goes into a year's worth of content for NBC Sports. Throughout the sports calendar, different techniques and styles are incorporated in the on-air graphics of their massive programming catalog. At the SVG Sports Graphics Forum, Chad Hudson, art director, NBC Sports, recapped graphics from the network's entire portfolio, including Sunday Night Football, NHL, motorsports like NASCAR and IndyCar, Premier League, and more.Monday, March 23, 2020drive studio's Nick DiNapoli on the Rapid Evolution of Broadcast GraphicsOver the history of televised sports, graphics have continuously undergone a state of change. Now, more than ever, broadcasters and production houses both have to account for a heightened turnover in trends. At the SVG Sports Graphics Forum, Nick DiNapoli, founder and creative director, drive studio, detailed the evolution of multiple types of on-air elements, including insert graphics, live event branding, and real-time graphics that involve augmented and virtual reality.Thursday, March 19, 2020Turner Sports' Jordan Shorthouse Dives Deep Into NBA All-Star Weekend GraphicsTurner Sports always puts their best foot forward when the calendar rolls around to NBA All-Star Weekend. For the 2020 edition, the on-air graphics team relied on classical and traditional pillars of design. At the SVG Sports Graphics Forum, Jordan Shorthouse, creative director, Turner Sports, discusses why the broadcaster implemented two-dimensional elements and how they leaned heavily on the lifestyle of the game's host city, Chicago.Wednesday, March 18, 2020ESPN’s Tim O’Shaughnessy Dissects Current Trends in College Sports GraphicsCreativity in the collegiate sector of sports-video production is experiencing a bit of a boom recently. With the looming presence of social media and many universities buying into the process, both still and motion graphics have greatly improved. At the SVG Sports Graphics Forum, Tim O’Shaughnessy, creative director, ESPN, participated in the "State of the Arts 2020: Creative-Design Trends That Are Transforming the Industry" panel and broke down the stylistic choices made in the new ACC Network and refurbished SEC Network templates, technologies and contemporary influences that are leaving an impression on the network's portfolio, and where graphics creation may head in the future.Wednesday, March 11, 2020CBS Sports' JP LoMonaco on a Wild Year of Innovation in Sports GraphicsFrom three-dimensional insert graphics to augmented reality and design for streaming platforms, its an incredibly innovative era in the history of live sports graphics. At the SVG Sports Graphics Forum, CBS Sports' VP, On-Air Graphics and Design and 2020 SVG Graphics Committee Chairman JP LoMonaco chatted with our Jason Dachman about the trends in the industry that are standing out to him and what its like to be a part of such a collaborative community.Wednesday, March 11, 2020Big Studios' Joss Meinert on the Possibilities of AR, Volumetric Capture in Graphics CreationThe graphics portion of the sports video production industry has never had more options to work with. While many are continuing to get the job done with two-dimensional layers, recent work in augmented reality, mixed reality, and volumetric capture are opening up new lanes for creative freedom. At the recent SVG Sports Graphics Forum, our Brandon Costa chatted with Joss Meinert, owner/director, Big Studios, about the new avenues and opportunities that these technologies can present and how the fan experience within esports can be enhanced by immersive graphics executed by real-time rendering and gaming engines.Wednesday, March 11, 2020Univision Deportes' Alexis Salinas on Upgrading the TUDN Brand, Interactivity Within AR GraphicsAt the tail end of 2019, Univision Deportes and Grupo Televisa launched an initiative to brand the two companies together as TUDN. Over the last few months, the TUDN brand has continued to innovate its on-air graphics package with augmented reality at the forefront. At the SVG Sports Graphics Forum, our Kristian Hernandez and Alexis Salinas, senior director, technical creative services, Univision Deportes spoke about the recent progress of the new brand, how operations are being handled in both Miami and Mexico City, and ways in which interactive tools are being integrated into their augmented reality use.Wednesday, March 4, 2020Turner Sports' Jordan Shorthouse on 2D Graphics Execution During NBA All-Star WeekendThe NBA property is one that holds a lot of value to Turner Sports. And as the torchbearer of the annual NBA All-Star Weekend, the broadcaster displayed sleek and clean graphics in the Windy City despite the unexpected death of one of the sport's icons. At the SVG Sports Graphics Forum, our Brandon Costa and Jordan Shorthouse, Turner Sports discussed the deviation from the regular-season package for a special look during the midseason matchup, why a two-dimensional style was heavily leaned on in an industry dominated by multi-dimensional designs, and ways in which they honored the sudden passing of Kobe Bryant through visuals.Wednesday, March 4, 2020Vizrt's Pino Barile Previews New Graphics Lineup, Upcoming Plans for NAB 2020As broadcast and OTT graphics continue to incorporate both traditional and new-aged ideas, technology needs to keep up with that constant speed of evolution. For newer applications like augmented reality, the vendor has never played a bigger role in on-air execution as it does now. At the SVG Sports Graphics Forum, our Brandon Costa spoke with Pino Barile, sales manager, Vizrt, who represented the event's title sponsor, about the company's reorganization to include NewTek and NDI, current products helping the industry, and a preview of things to come at the NAB Show 2020 in April.Monday, March 2, 2020ESPN's Belca Bedoya-Pedyna on Adapting Linear Programming to OTT PlatformsImplementing an engaging graphics package on broadcast television can be challenging on its own. With the continued emergence of viewing content on nonlinear platforms, creatives are tasked with adjusting their parameters to capture the OTT audience. At the SVG Sports Graphics Forum, our Brandon Costa caught up with Belca Bedoya-Pedyna, lead designer, motion graphics, ESPN, about the process of transitioning treasured linear shows like SportsCenter onto Snapchat and other social media outlets, developing elements that will only be seen by digital consumers, and establishing efficient workflows that can churn out high-quality video at a quick pace.Friday, February 28, 2020“Spike” Szykowny on How ESPN Reimagined its NFL Graphics PackageThe ESPN Creative team embarked on a massive project in 2019, creating an NFL graphics package that changed its core design landscape and highlighted the intensity and passion found only in pro football. At the SVG Sports Graphics Forum, our Kristian Hernandez spoke with Michael “Spike” Szykowny, Senior Director, Motion Graphics and Production Planning for ESPN Creative Services to get an inside look at the library of design elements that uniquely showcases NFL players and teams and about their innovative build strategy.

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