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Thursday, March 22, 2018Sports Graphics Forum: BT Sport's Paul Jamieson on Graphics Innovation at the AshesThe Ashes, one of the biggest sporting events in the UK, is a Test cricket series played between England and Australia that recently wrapped up. As the broadcasting rightsholder, BT Sport went all out on the production. At out annual Sports Graphics Forum, we talked with Paul Jamieson, Director of Creative and On Air at BT Sport about how graphics and augmented reality played key roles in the overall on-air presentation.Tuesday, March 20, 2018Sports Graphics Forum: Vizrt's Isaac Hersly Breaks Down the Emergence of Augmented Reality GraphicsAugmented reality graphics in a both a live-game and studio environment are dramatically bolstering the on-screen quality of many major live sporting events. how has the technology developed to allow these graphics is become some prevalent so quickly? At the SVG Sports Graphics Forum, our Director of Digital Brandon Costa caught up with Isaac Hersley, Chief Partnership Office at Vizrt Americas - one of the technology leaders in this space - to discuss the evolution of augmented reality graphics, how the company's work in esports is changing the graphics game across the board, and what other new developments he sees coming down the pike.Monday, March 19, 2018Sports Graphics Forum: ChyronHego's Jesper Gawell on How Advanced Data Is Shaping Sports GraphicsOn-screen graphics displayed during a live televised sporting event have always aimed to inform the viewer and enhance storytelling. These days, stats, data, and advanced analytics have become far more in-depth and are dramatically changing the sports viewing experience, meaning graphics have needed to grow up, as well. One of the leaders in the development of live sports graphics is ChyronHego. We caught up with their Chief Marketing Officer Jesper Gawell to discuss advanced analytics and date in sports graphics and in what ways his company's solution are meeting the challenges of today's business. ChryonHego served as the Title Sponsor of the SVG Sports Graphics Forum.Tuesday, March 13, 2018Sports Graphics Forum: Patrick Twomey on Ross Video's Red-Hot Start to 2018Ross Video does many things in the sports video tech world well but 2018 has been an exceptionally exciting year for the graphics side of its business. The company developed revolutionary solutions that raised the bar for both the in-venue experience at Mercedes-Benz Stadium for the College Football Championship Game and the television product of Super Bowl LII for NBC Sports. At the 2018 SVG Sports Graphics Forum, we caught up with Patrick Twomey, Director, Marketing and Product Management, and Business Development for XPression to discuss the unique projects his company has undertaken and why graphics have become such a major part of Ross Video's business.Monday, March 12, 2018Sports Graphics Forum: Turner Sports' Jordan Shorthouse on NBA All-Star, Industry DiversityLike many areas in the sports video production industry, graphics design is a division ripe for new faces and fresh ideas. With a diverse staff and unique, forward-thinking sports properties like the NBA and ELEAGUE, Turner Sports is no stranger to taking the lead on innovation. At the 2018 SVG Sports Graphics Forum, we caught up with Turner Sports' Creative Director Jordan Shorthouse to discuss the recent NBA All-Star Game [and the role graphics played in the production] and how diversity in the sports production business is shaping a new future.Friday, March 9, 2018Sports Graphics Forum 2018: ESPN's Tim O'Shaughnessy on Designing Scalable, Engrossing GraphicsSports video graphics designers are faced with the challenge of creating elements that are not only appealing and informative, but adaptable to all screen sizes and scalable for use over a mass of live events throughout the course of a season. At the 2018 Sports Graphics Forum in New York City, we caught up with Tim O'Shaughnessy, Creative Director, College Sports for ESPN to break down how he and his team establish workflows to meet those pressing challenges, and how those systems allow for the creators to have more fun building new and exciting packages.Thursday, March 9, 2017MSG Networks' Jason Joly on the RSN's New Graphics Package: Sports Graphics Forum 2017After seven years with the same graphics package, MSG Networks knew the time has come for a fresh look for the network, specifically for the live coverage of its professional sports properties including the New York Knicks, New York Rangers, New York Islanders, New Jersey Devils, Buffalo Sabres, and Red Bull New York. Jason Joly, Director of Graphics for MSG Networks chats with SVG about what went into the redesign, what the response has been like from producers and directors in the truck, and how it will continue to evolve into the near future.Friday, March 3, 2017Sports Graphics Forum: Randy Dickerson, ChyronHegoChyronHego is a pioneer in the world of graphics and character generator solutions. With the latest release of its LyricX, the company has reaffirmed its commitment to broadcast graphics. At SVG's Sports Graphics Forum, ChyronHego's senior account executive Randy Dickerson spoke with SVG's Jason Dachman about the latest in live graphics technology.Monday, February 27, 2017Inside the New Monday Night Football Open With ESPN's Michael “Spike” SzykownyA new NFL season in 2016 called for a new, flashy open for the one of the biggest sports properties in all of television, ESPN Monday Night Football. Michael “Spike” Szykowny, Senior Director, Motion Graphics for ESPN pulls back the curtain on the intense production process that went into 70 seconds of pregame pomp and pageantry.Monday, February 27, 2017Maria Rapetskaya, Undefined Creative: Sports Graphics Forum 2017Designing graphics for digital, streaming, and social media distribution is a unique art form. At SVG's Sports Graphics Forum, Maria Rapetskaya, the co-founder and creative director of the graphic design agency Undefined Creative, shared what it takes to successful design for the increasingly popular smaller screens of today's media world.Friday, February 24, 2017CBS Sports Senior Art Director JP LoMonaco: Sports Graphics Forum 2017It's been a year since CBS Sports launched a completely new, wall-to-wall design of its graphics package. How pleased is the network with it's fresh, clean, and universal look? CBS Sports' Senior Art Director JP LoMonaco shares his thoughts.