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Get Inspired: Tune Into the 12th-Annual College Sports Media Awards Tonight at 7 p.m. ET

Tonight’s 2020 SVG College Sports Media Awards ceremony in association with NACDA, sponsored by Ross Video, promises to be not only an exciting event to see who took home the awards, but also a special one as all five previous masters of ceremonies will take part and offer up career advice, tips on how to […]  More

Social-Distance–Alert Devices Help Keep Broadcast Environments Safe

Social distancing is necessary for keeping the COVID-19 at bay. However, it’s not easy to achieve when broadcast professionals have to work together, sometimes in closer quarters than might be prudent. That distancing need, though, is sparking its own category of technology products. Social Distancer Technologies, a joint venture of Canadian technology companies Promark Electronics […]  More

SVG Publishes Audio Section of ‘COVID-19 Sports Production Operations Guide’

SVG has added an Audio section to the COVID-19 Sports Production Operations Guide, which was published earlier this month. This new Audio section of the guide deals with handling and cleaning microphones and audio equipment, such as radios, and how to mike up talent safely. CLICK HERE to read the Audio section now.  More

AES Virtual 2020: The Past, Present and Future of 22.2 Surround Sound

A more general industry awareness of 22.2 may only have become a reality in the last few years, but in fact, the history of the surround sound format stretches back nearly two decades. The eventful evolution of 22.2 and its many current and future creative opportunities were explored in a session entitled ‘Artistic Immersive Sound […]  More

Tech Focus: Production Music, Part 1 — How the Pandemic Has Changed the Choices for Sports

Production music — the vast well of styles, sounds, genres, and emotions that underscores televised sports — has been both a hotbed of legal turbulence (assertions of copyright infringements and DCMA take-downs abound over licensing issues) and a generically predictable process in which NBA shows reflexively get bassy hip-hop and baseball gets crunchy rock guitars. […]  More

NEP Adds Canon UHD-DIGISUPER 111 and 122 4K Field Box Zoom Lenses to Arsenal

NEP Group has added Canon’s UHD-DIGISUPER 111 and UHD-DIGISUPER 122 4K field box zoom lenses to their lineup of Canon broadcast equipment. NEP Group helps to produce and broadcast some of the largest and most-watched live sporting and entertainment events across the United States and the globe. The newly acquired Canon 4K field box zoom […]  More

Sony COVID-19 Fund to Support Sports Broadcasting Fund, Others

Sony Corporation will be making several donations to leading organizations in the production industry, including the SVG Sports Broadcasting Fund which helps sports production professionals who find themselves in financial crisis due to injury, illness, or another calamity. The Sony fund is designed to help mitigate disruption of the creative community as a result of […]  More