COVID-19 Resources


To support SVG members’ efforts to resume sports video production in this new COVID-19 reality, we will be adding to this resource guide on an ongoing basis. If you find a reputable document or news article, or wish to post your own in-the-field photos and findings, please forward to Marty Porter at


Study on Spread of COVID-19 in Air-Conditioned Bus (HVAC News)

ASHRAE Issues Statements on Relationship Between COVID-19 and HVAC (ASHRAE)

COVID-19 and Air Filtration FAQs (National Air Filtration Association)


Essential Planning for Broadcasters Facing Coronavirus Restrictions on Access to Facilities and News Events (Broadcast Law Blog)

Station Operations Resources (NAB)

Here Are The Pandemic Problems Studios Are Trying To Solve Before The Restart (Deadline)

Sports Medicine/Special Match Operations Task Force in Professional Football (v.2, DFL)

UK TV Production Guidance (Version 1) (BBC)


Best Practices for Safe Cleaning of Broadcast Studios Equipment (LAWO)

Recommendations for Cleaning and Sanitizing Consoles and Equipment (TELOS Alliance)

12 Tips for Creating a Safer Radio Studio in a Coronavirus Reality (InsideRadio)

Tips for Cleaning and Sanitizing Truck Cabs (HDT Trucking Info)

TMC: Chlorine Dioxide Effective Cab Disinfectant for COVID-19 Contamination (HDT Trucking Info)


What Freelancers Need to Know About Coronavirus (Freelancers Union)

What the CARES Act Means for Freelancers (Freelancers Union)

How To Apply for Unemployment Benefits If You’re a Freelancer or Self-Employed (Vox)


Resources for Businesses and Employers (CDC)

Coronavirus Resources at the Department of Transportation (US Dept. of Transportation)

State & Territorial Health Department Websites (CDC)

CDC Travel Advisories

Global and US COVID-19 Maps & Trends (Johns Hopkins University)

NCAA Sport Science Institute COVID-19 Resources (NCAA)


Public Health for Mass Gatherings: Key Considerations (WHO)

Q&A on Mass Gatherings and COVID-19 (WHO)

Considerations for Sports Federations/Sports Event Organizers When Planning Mass Gatherings in the Context of COVID-19 (WHO)

Online Course for Public Health Preparedness for Mass Gathering Events (WHO)

Sports Organizations and Coronavirus (COVID-19): Cancel or Mitigate the Risks? (Sadler Insurance)

List of Sporting Events Canceled Because of the Coronavirus (ESPN)


COVID-19 Travel Guidelines (CDC)

TSA Response to COVID-19 (TSA)

How To Sanitize Your Hotel Room (USA Today)

Travel Restrictions, Flight Operations and Screening (International SOS)


OSHA 3990-Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 (CDC)

How Ross Is Protecting Its Factory Workers From COVID-19 (LinkedIn)

Guidelines and Best Practices for Safe Food Service (National Restaurant Association)

COVID-19 Guidance for the Construction Workforce (OSHA)

Recovery Readiness: A How-To Guide for Reopening Your Workplace (Cushman & Wakefield)

SAFER: Safe Actions for Employee Returns (National Safety Council)