SVG Leadership

The Sports Video Group is comprised of leading industry figures who are committed to technical excellence in the sports industry. Over the coming years, members will help guide the direction of the organization, consult on various group initiatives, and enable more dialogue across different industry segments.

SVG Chairman

Tom Sahara
Turner Sports
EVP, Technology

Executive Committee

Advisory Board Members

  • Adam Acone, NFL Network, Director, Media Operations and Planning
  • Glenn Adamo, Ivanhoe Media and Entertainment, President
  • Peter Angell, Lagardère, SVP
  • Onnie Bose, NFL, VP of Broadcasting
  • Tab Butler, MLB Network, Sr. Director, Media Management & Post Production
  • Chris Calcinari, ESPN, VP, Event Operations
  • Joe Cohen, The Switch, President, Sports
  • Michael Cohen, Industry Consultant
  • Don Colantonio, Industry Consultant
  • Scott Davis, CBS Sports, VP of Broadcast Operations
  • Jim DeFilippis, Industry Consultant
  • Ed Delaney, Industry Consultant
  • Jed Drake, SMT, EVP of Emerging Technologies
  • David Dukes, PGA Tour Entertainment, Senior Director, Technical Operations
  • Jerry Gepner, L5 Media Services, Media and Technology Executive
  • Steve Gorsuch, Industry Consultant
  • Mark Haden, MLB Network, VP, Engineering and IT
  • Ed Holmes, The Holmes Group, Principal
  • Deb Honkus, NEP Broadcasting, Chairman of the Board
  • George Hoover, NEP Broadcasting, CTO
  • Robert D. Jordan CFE, Van Wagner Sports and Entertainment, Senior Vice President
  • John Kvatek, University of Central Florida Knights, Senior Associate Athletics Director/External Operations
  • John Leland, PSL International, LLC, Principal
  • Louis Libin, Broad Comm, President
  • Jodi Markley, ESPN, EVP, Content Operations and Creative Services
  • Michael Meehan, NBC Sports, SVP, Operations
  • Grant Nodine, NHL, SVP, Technology
  • Ken Norris, UCLA, Director of Video Operations
  • Gary Olson, GHO Group, Managing Director
  • Del Parks, Sinclair Broadcast Group, SVP and CTO
  • Paul Puccio, Industry Consultant
  • Scott Rinehart, Fighting Irish Digital Media, Broadcast Technology Program Director
  • Larry Rogers, FirstInTV, President
  • Mike Rokosa, NHRA, Technology Executive
  • Scott Rothenberg, NEP, SVP, Technology and Asset Management
  • Oscar Sanchez, CONCACAF, Director of Broadcast Operations
  • Bruce Shapiro, Broadcast Consulting
  • Tracey Shaw, WWE, SVP, Network and TV Operations
  • Jack Simmons, Industry Consultant
  • Don Sperling, New York Giants Entertainment, VP and Executive Producer
  • Jerry Steinberg, Industry Consultant
  • Patrick Sullivan, Game Creek Video, President
  • Larry Tiscornia, Major League Soccer, VP, Broadcasting
  • Jacob Ullman, Fox Sports, SVP, Production and Talent Development
  • John Ward, AT&T Entertainment Group, SVP, Content Operations
  • Ernie Watts, Turner, Manager, Transmission Operations Center
  • Mike Webb, YES Network, VP, Broadcast Operations
  • Jeff Willis, Industry Consultant
  • Dave Zur, KSE Media Ventures, SVP, Operations & Engineering