ESPN Enters Native 4K Era: Inside the Network’s End-to-End 4K-Production Workflow for College Football

ESPN made waves across the sports-production community yesterday, announcing that it will deliver six regular-season college football games live in native-4K resolution as part of the new “Samsung QLED 4K Game of the Week”, with DirecTV aboard as the first distributor. Beginning with tomorrow night’s Florida-LSU matchup, ESPN will produce six regular season games — […]  More

Live from the Rugby World Cup: Solid Power and Stable Connectivity Help Anchor Tournament Success

Two pieces of the operational jigsaw for any major event host broadcast are telecommunications adaptation and the supply of uninterruptible power for the tournament. Host broadcaster IGBS is working with Aggreko for power delivery and with Japanese telco NTT plus network adaptation specialist VIDI for monitoring, timing and synchronization.  More

Technical Director Dean Peare Dead at 51

Ronald Dean Peare, known as Dean by his loved ones, unexpectedly passed away on Sept. 15, 2019, at the young age of 51. He was born on April 25, 1968, to Ronald and Rheba Peare. As a technical director for major sports networks, he traveled the world producing all kinds of sporting events.  More