Videon Allows Sub-Three Second, Synchronized DASH Streaming; Conducts Report With AWS Elemental MediaStore, Amazon CloudFront

Videon has worked with NexPlayer, AWS Elemental MediaStore, and Amazon CloudFront to produce two workflow reports that simplify user’s low latency live streaming experience. When these workflows are implemented, the user can expect to achieve <3 second worldwide latency in scale. Plus, device synchronization can be achieved to ensure everyone is seeing content at the […]  More

Inside the International Federation of Hockey’s Decision to Tap NAGRA for OTT, Digital Offerings

The International Federation of Hockey (FIH) has two billion fans globally and Thierry Weil, FIH, CEO, faced the same challenge anyone with two billion fans (and 30 million active participants) has: how can you understand them better and start to build a real relationship? FIH hopes to find that answer via a new 10-year relationship […]  More

HBS Broadcast Academy Video Offers Insights, Tips for Directing in the Age of Coronavirus

The HBS Broadcast Academy has been an important part of the industry’s education initiatives as it is designed to provide specialized training to help improve to quality of football/soccer production, increase the opportunities for women and minorities in front-bench roles, and much more. It’s most recent efforts involved an online panel discussion featuring two leading […]  More

TVU Networks Joins Technology Group Providing Live Coverage of Historic Commercial Space Launch

TVU Networks has joined a consortium of technology providers tasked with delivering dedicated live video camera angles to global broadcasters covering the historic launch of the first manned commercial space flight by American astronauts on U.S. soil. This launch also marks the first manned space flight by NASA in nine years. Veteran astronauts Robert Behnken […]  More