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Thrill One Sports & Entertainment Unites Nitro Circus, Street League Skateboarding, Superjacket Productions

Respected investment firms The Raine Group and Causeway Media Partners, with backing provided by commercial finance firm MidCap Financial, have combined industry-leading Nitro Circus, Street League Skateboarding (SLS), and Superjacket Productions to create Thrill One Sports & Entertainment. Thrill One immediately becomes the world’s largest independent action-sports operator and media company, and former UFC and […]  More

SVG Summit: Sky Sports’ Duncan East Recaps Successful Year With Volumetric Capture

Across the pond, Sky Sports continues to live at the forefront of technological innovation. This year, its use of volumetric capture at such tournaments as the 148th Open Championship is a VR application that will forever change the way video analysis is done. At the SVG Summit, Director of Digital Brandon Costa and Duncan East, head, […]  More

The Game Ahead: How Live Sports Is Evolving at Speed in 2020

The success of an industry falls ultimately to the ingenuity of its people, and the sports-broadcast industry exemplifies this. In 2020, the new technology and evolving expectations of sports viewers will be a catalyst for change, and broadcasters and rightsholders cannot remain static if they hope to grow and take their business forward during the […]  More