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Virtex’s In-Game App Looks To Link AR Viewing and Being There

Attendance at major-league games has been challenged in recent years, with at least some of the blame laid at the doorstep of sports broadcasting and its range of glossy technology features, such as super-slo-mo and multichannel audio, which have deepened viewer engagement. Both the NFL and MLB in their recent and upcoming seasons have adjusted […]  More

Turner Sports Goes Back to the Basics for March Madness Audio

Turner Sports has geared up for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, with the Atlanta-based broadcaster airing the entire last set of games, from the Elite Eight through the Final Four and the National Championship Game. It’s a major logistical undertaking – supported this year by remote production units from NEP, Game Creek, and F&F Productions […]  More

On-Court Audio Is Part of NBA All-Star Weekend

The sprawling production that was Turner Sports’ NBA All-Star Weekend from Los Angeles last month had what many have come to expect in terms of on-court audio, miking as many as four players from each team during the game itself and four on the court at any time for the All-Star Celebrity Game on Friday […]  More

Tech Focus: Broadcast Education — Audio Makes Gains, But Slowly

Several educational institutions have made significant investments in broadcast-audio training, some with sports at the core of that focus. Few, though, have gone as far as the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences: with two campuses in the Phoenix area, CRAS has made a six-figure capital investment in the broadcast component of its 11-month course […]  More

Live From PyeongChang: Extreme Cold Affects Mic Operations

The Winter Olympics is putting cold-weather sports on the front burner. The temperatures in PyeongChang — at a rehearsal for the Opening Ceremony, the temperature was 6 degrees F with a wind chill of -7 degrees, so cold that audiences walked out in the middle of the rehearsal, according to USA Today — reaching record […]  More

Tech Focus: Intercoms, Part 1 — Wireless, IP Are the Next Evolution

The audio industry’s transition to digital from analog took a decade spanning the 1980s and ’90s; the broadcast business spread it out over a shorter but still lengthy period in the aughts. The next great migration is from conventional wired signal transport to both wireless and AV over IP, and it’s compressing the tectonic shift […]  More