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Tech Focus: Broadcast-Audio Education, Part 2 — Manufacturers Offer Online Learning

One consistently available source of training for broadcast-sports audio has been the manufacturers of the equipment used to capture it, mix it, and transport it. Of course, the majority of the training modules focus on the brands’ own products and are part of marketing strategies. Click here for Tech Focus: Broadcast-Audio Education, Part 1 — […]  More

New Grammy Museum Exhibit Celebrates Baseball

Whether it’s the national anthem played before every game, the music ballplayers select to accent their walk-on to home plate, or the seventh-inning stretch when fans sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” music has been an integral part of the baseball experience. To celebrate the soundtrack of the national pastime, the Grammy Museum […]  More

As Boxing Coverage Goes Beyond the Ring, RF and Intercoms Are Key for Audio

HBO, the platform that created modern pay-per-view for some of boxing’s biggest battles, said farewell to the sport last September after 45 years as the broadcaster for many of the main bouts in professional pugilism. Since then, others have picked up some of the slack, including Showtime with Championship Boxing and ShoBox: The Next Generation […]  More

NBC Sports Goes Deep To Cover NHL Sound Live and in Follow-Up Special

Continuing the intensely intimate and comprehensive on-ice coverage that NBC Sports offered for the NHL All-Star Weekend, tomorrow’s 2019 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers on NBC will have up to a dozen players, officials, and coaches miked. In addition, all that audio will be rolled into an […]  More

Tech Focus: Intercom Technology, Part 1 — RF Disruption, IP Development Drive Evolution of Back-of-House Comms

Like the larger microphone market, intercoms’ transition to wireless might once have been considered an inevitable progression. But, as with microphones, there are plenty of applications and arguments for both tethered and untethered versions, especially given the disruption that the RF environment experienced as a result of FCC-mandated frequency reallocations (which affects both product categories). […]  More

Live From Super Bowl LIII: Halftime Show Tackles Live-Sound Challenges of Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Super Bowl LIII, like its predecessors, is weathering a bit of controversy around its halftime entertainment show. This year’s choice of pop-rockers Maroon 5 to headline the event taking place in America’s hip-hop capital engendered more than the usual sturm und drang, but the show’s producer faces the usual challenge involved in putting on live […]  More