Recent Posts by Dan Daley, Audio Editor

Big Screens Increasingly Figure in Field Strategies

Last week’s New York Times revealed a little-noticed but increasingly significant effect in which stadium videoboards are beginning to affect tactics on the field. In the article, one runner in a 400-meter hurdles at the recent world track and field championships used the large video screen at each end of London Stadium to check her […]  More

Post-Auction, the Spectrum Landscape Remains Tumultuous

The aftermath of the FCC spectrum auction is turning out to be as complicated as the auction itself was. Professional users of wireless microphones have been receiving unwelcome surprises in the form of unexpected use of recently acquired UHF spectrum by mobile-network providers who bought it during the auction, which concluded in March. A dust-up […]  More

Tennis Moves Closer to On-Player Audio

Tennis may be elegant, but it’s also noisy. Women’s tennis has been under special scrutiny in recent years as the vocalizations by some of its biggest stars, including Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams, spiked the sports-network soundtracks. In fact, in 2012, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) agreed in principle to […]  More

Avid Turns to User Group for Product-Development Ideas

Media-systems developer Avid recently polled its Avid Customers Association (ACA), a customer-led user group, asking systems users in various media verticals what product development they want the company to focus on. The survey, representing more than 6,500 media professionals at more than 4,000 companies in 109 countries, uncovered key investment priorities and technology trends spanning […]  More

X Games Minneapolis VR Live Stream Pushes Audio Boundaries

Last week’s X Games Minneapolis were the first to be broadcast from the Midwest, but they also transcended mere geography: for the first time in the history of the Games, ESPN and its partners Samsung and Digital Domain supplied live-streaming productions of several events in virtual reality. Audio was a major part of that initiative.  More

Tech Focus: Audio Consoles, Part 1 — At-Home Production, IP Transport Are Key Trends

Two trends of potentially tectonic significance are affecting the evolution of the broadcast-audio console. The shift to so-called at-home, or REMI (remote integration), production is largely a case in which economics is driving workflow, in the process asking the mix console to do its job from hundreds or even thousands of miles away. At the […]  More