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NHL Returns: Hockey Audio Balances Sticks And ‘Crowds’

Every sport is finding its own way back on the air, and, when the NHL returns this weekend for the start of its abbreviated-but-rapid-fire 2020 Stanley Cup Qualifiers series — 16 teams playing best-of-five series to determine the eight teams to advance to the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs — it’ll be with the classic sound […]  More

ESPN’s Audio Approach to MLS Tourney Is Making New Fans

The MLS Is Back Tournament is in full swing, with matches having started on July 8 and running through the Aug. 11 Final, all at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. What sets this series apart — and marking a milestone for pro soccer in general […]  More

Officials’ Whistles Go Digital

The connection between sports officials and the timing systems necessary to games’ outcomes has been getting more technical. For the past two decades, the NBA and the leading collegiate basketball leagues have been deploying a Precision Time Systems system that uses the sound of the referee’s whistle to activate the stop-clock function on game-time clocks. […]  More

Salsa Sound Sees Virtual Crowds as the Right Sounds at the Right Time

Despite concerns about “inauthentic” sounds of games and matches by A1s and others on the technical side of sports broadcasting, it appears that “faux” crowd sound is becoming part of the sports-broadcast experience as various leagues and teams come out of pandemic-induced hibernation. European soccer leagues, such as the Bundesliga and the English Premier League […]  More

Social-Distance–Alert Devices Help Keep Broadcast Environments Safe

Social distancing is necessary for keeping the COVID-19 at bay. However, it’s not easy to achieve when broadcast professionals have to work together, sometimes in closer quarters than might be prudent. That distancing need, though, is sparking its own category of technology products. Social Distancer Technologies, a joint venture of Canadian technology companies Promark Electronics […]  More

Tech Focus: Production Music, Part 1 — How the Pandemic Has Changed the Choices for Sports

Production music — the vast well of styles, sounds, genres, and emotions that underscores televised sports — has been both a hotbed of legal turbulence (assertions of copyright infringements and DCMA take-downs abound over licensing issues) and a generically predictable process in which NBA shows reflexively get bassy hip-hop and baseball gets crunchy rock guitars. […]  More