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One Week In, NFL ‘Crowds’ Are Finding Their Sound Footing

The NFL has gotten through Week 1, and the “crowds” at the games seem to like the way it sounds. The league has joined other sports in creating its own crowd-sound system. In doing so, the NFL took a very different path from the NBA, whose players are the focus of its faux-crowd-sound system. While […]  More

DTV Audio Group Zoom Seminar Revisits ‘Enhanced’ Crowd Sound

The DTV Audio Group Sept. 8 online seminar “Crowd-Less Audio II Sounds From the Bubbles and Beyond” took a second look at the subject of artificial (or “enhanced”) crowd audio pumped into sports venues and on broadcasts, a follow-up to the DTVAG’s Zoom seminar on the topic in May. During that earlier event, participants were […]  More

NFL Kickoff 2020: League Debuts Crowd-Sound System Designed for Fanless Stadiums

NFL broadcasts this season will use “enhanced” crowd sound. The league’s technology kit for this includes the Wwise platform, Audiokinetic’s authoring software for interactive media and videogames. This will let so-called audio-sweetener mixers access and mix sounds collected from each NFL stadium (except the two newest, in Los Angeles and Las Vegas) and team over […]  More

NBA Returns: New Category of A1 Makes Fan-Free Stands Come Alive

As sports restart under the COVID-19 pandemic, they’re doing so largely without any fans in the stands. But there is still plenty of cheering and other sound from home-team boosters, virtual as it may be, and that’s thanks to an elaborate concatenation of technologies and fingers emulating the noises that would have been supplied by […]  More

Tech Focus: Streaming Technology — The Pandemic Speeds Transition to IP

Broadcast sports production was already well on its way to embracing an IP-based workflow before COVID-19 arrived and compelled sports to shut down last March. Unlike some other technology migrations — such as the shift from stereo to surround and current moves towards immersive sound, both driven largely by the technologies themselves — the move […]  More

DTV Audio Group’s Webinar: Sound Is Joining the Move to Production in the Cloud

A large and rotating cast over nearly 2½ hours during the DTV Audio Group’s “Next Steps in Production Virtualization” webinar underscored how quickly and comprehensively remote sports production has embraced the cloud and also illustrated how complex and uneven that uptake can be, particularly when it comes to audio. The online event, which took place […]  More

With Empty Stands, Venues Adapt Their Sound Systems

Sports venues have spent millions of dollars on sound systems in recent years, with the speakers focused on the seating areas to deepen engagement with fans in the stands. But what happens when those fans are static cardboard cutouts? In this time of absentee fans, venues are turning some of those sound systems to face […]  More

At the Ballpark: Iconic Dodger Stadium Gets 21st-Century Sound System

Although Major League Baseball is continuing with a 60-game regular season, the pulse of what makes professional baseball exciting will remain at home. In the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, 30 in-venue departments are forging ahead with operations inside empty stadiums. SVG’s At the Ballpark series takes you behind the control-room door and examines […]  More

NBA Returns: Virtual Crowd-Noise Mix Is Complex and Authentic

Perhaps no sport lives and dies by the intensity of its crowd reactions as much as basketball. With triple-digit game scores as close as a single point with tenths of a second left on the clock, crowd reactions can literally influence the outcome of games. That fact confronted the folks figuring out how to re-create […]  More