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SVG Summit 2017: RF, IP Are Primary Focus in DTV Audio Group Sessions

The DTV Audio Group’s Audio Production and Distribution Workshop led off the audio side of this week’s SVG Summit. Although RF spectrum issues, a primary focus of the DTVAG’s constituency for much of the last two years, were still front and center, the imminence of object-based broadcast audio and new standards around IP-based transport also […]  More

SMPTE Launches Online Training Around ST 2110 Standard

The recently established ST 2110 Professional Media Over Managed IP Networks suite of standards was often a topic of discussion during The SVG Summit in New York this week. The standards — comprising specifications for the carriage, synchronization, and description of A/V streams over IP for real-time production, playout, and other professional media applications —were […]  More

Tech Focus: Immersive Audio — The Front End Makes Its Move

Despite a decades-long march to the nearly complete digitalization of the audio-signal chain, its endpoints remain solidly analog: loudspeakers and microphones. And, although speakers have received considerable attention in the very recent progression to immersive audio, with studios and remote units installing overhead and other playback points according to carefully engineered positioning plots, the input […]  More

M3 Makes Its Way Into Audio Over IP

The crossover between sports and entertainment has been a sweet spot for Music Mix Mobile (M3). The remote-production company, which has received Emmy Awards for its mixing and production work on Grammy Awards shows and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame broadcasts, also handles mixing chores on the music performed at the NBA All Star […]  More

Survey: Shifting Pro-Loudspeaker Market To Grow $1 Billion by 2021

A confluence of dynamic factors is helping propel the professional-loudspeaker market to new heights. That’s according to the Professional Loudspeaker Market Assessment, a study undertaken by UK-based Futuresource Consulting. An extended analysis of the survey reflects what has become a market crowded with brands and options. According to the survey, brands are becoming more assertive […]  More

Syracuse University Rolls Out IP for Teaching, ACC Coverage

As traditional broadcast sports barrels toward an IP-based future, some of the parallel collegiate efforts seem to be moving even faster. In little more than a month over the summer, Syracuse University’s athletics and broadcast-journalism departments collaborated on a new fiber backbone connecting five sports venues used for soccer, field hockey, volleyball, ice hockey, and […]  More

DPA Intros CORE Mics for Onfield Audio

Danish manufacturer DPA Microphones used the recent AES Show in New York to introduce its CORE microphone-amplifier technology. The point of CORE is to reduce distortion and increase dynamic range, thereby increasing clarity and intelligibility. Although that’s a desirable goal for the traditional theatrical and general-broadcast applications of DPA’s lavalier microphones, the company is also […]  More

Tech Focus: Venue Sound Systems — A Boost to ROI Between Game Days

Every few years, sound-system design for sports venues hits a new inflection point. A decade ago, it was the addition of many more subwoofers, to accommodate pop music’s deeper integration of hip-hop elements (especially in NBA arenas). Before that, speech intelligibility had become a prime focus, as much for life-safety reasons as for esthetic ones. […]  More

SportsNet New York Picks Solid State Logic System T for New Audio-Control Rooms

As part of a recent move to new facilities located at the World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan, regional sports network SportsNet New York (SNY) has refitted its broadcast studios and upgraded its technology. This includes two new audio-control rooms, both with Solid State Logic System T networked audio-broadcast–production systems, and a fully redundant Dante […]  More