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NFL Kickoff 2019: Jay-Z Deal With NFL Puts Rap at Top of Sports’ Playlist

The partnership between rapper/entrepreneur Jay-Z’s Roc Nation company and the NFL, announced on Aug. 13, underscores the deepening integration between sports and music as complementary entertainment propositions. And just as music venues have been adapting to accommodate changes in musical genres and styles, the new Jay-Z/NFL deal will have the same effect on football stadiums.  More

NFL Kickoff 2019: Networks Beef Up Football Audio

Audio for football games has reached a pinnacle, at least technically. The ability to pull in sound from the gridiron — from microphones on players to parabolic receptors with sensitivity a CIA spook would respect — is just short of reality-show pervasiveness. The only brakes on collecting sound during games are legal ones, a combination […]  More

Women’s Flat Track Derby Association Rolls Into REMI

At-home production workflow is migrating from the major leagues to other corners of sports media. The latest of those is the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), which switched this season from full onsite production utilizing audio and video systems in a flypack, to microphones and cameras at the venue mixed and switched remotely by […]  More

Scotiabank Arena Brings Boardroom Audio To The Court

Some people might complain that sports has become too corporate, but in one recent instance, an audio system developed for corporate applications is making the sports sound experience a lot more vivid. Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, home to the NBA’s Raptors and the NHL Maple Leafs, wanted to give its suites and club patrons a […]  More

Tech Focus: Audio Monitoring, Part 3 — Room-Correction Software Aims To Optimize the Environment

A great speaker can quickly become a mediocre one when placed in an especially challenging space. The audio compartment of a remote-production environment is the ultimate petri dish for this phenomenon, one that becomes even more complex when audio mixes have to move between different spaces and through an assortment of different speakers. In response, […]  More

Tech Focus: Audio Monitoring, Part 1 — Speakers Are Smaller, Lighter, and Proliferating

When it comes to remote production, size matters, although, with speakers, the preference tends toward smaller rather than larger. The constrained spaces of audio compartments in remote-production trucks determine the acoustical environments that A1s have to mix in. But two other dynamics are also at work: the development and implementation of immersive audio formats means […]  More

Outdoor Channel Takes On-Field Sound Capture to Extremes

Athlete audio has gone from challenge to novelty to SOP for most major-league sports in just a few years. Now the technique is turning up in increasingly extreme situations, capturing intense moments from the participants’ point of view. One of the more extreme of the extreme-sports categories, overland canoe racing has its roots in how […]  More