DTV Audio Group at NAB 2019

Advanced Television Audio Forum
Sunday, April 7th at the Alexis Park Hotel in Las Vegas

The DTV Audio Group, in association with the Sports Video Group, invites you to attend the 2019 [email protected] Advanced Television Audio Forum. The forum will be held from 12 pm to 6 pm on Sunday, April 7th, 2019, and will take place at the Alexis Park Hotel at 375 East Harmon Avenue in Las Vegas.

The transition to streamed content delivery and the growth of virtualized IT-based production infrastructure are accelerating the evolution of advanced audio services. 4K and HDR have been well-received by consumers, and expanded premium services are bringing new attention to audio with growing Dolby Atmos program offerings on Amazon Prime, iTunes, and Netflix streaming platforms along with BT, Direct TV, and Sky.

Immersive experiences are available on an increasingly wide range of mobile and fixed devices, and virtualized surround televisions and soundbars are offering ever-more-impressive experiences at better-and-better price points.  These advances in consumer products and services, along with the trailblazing audio features of ATSC 3.0 are creating a new television audio renaissance.  Please join us to explore these topics and others, including:

  • IP Infrastructure and SMPTE 2110
  • Streamlining Dolby Atmos Production
  • Immersive Audio and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics
  • Virtualized Immersive Audio Playback
  • Audio Standards for Streaming Devices
  • Audio for ATSC 3.0


  • Michael Abbott, Engineer, Sound Designer, Consultant, All Ears Inc.
  • Tim Carroll, Senior Director Technology, Sound Group, Office of the CTO, Dolby Laboratories
  • Nuno Duarte Senior Manager Audio, Olympic Broadcast Services
  • Stacey Foster, Coordinating Producer, Saturday Night Live
  • Scott Kramer, Manager Sound Technologies, Netflix
  • Karl Malone, Director of Sound Design, NBC Sports and NBC Olympics
  • Steve Morris, Director of Engineering, Skywalker Sound
  • Sean Richardson, Executive Director and Principal Audio Engineer, Starz Entertainment
  • Jim Starzynski, Director and Principal Audio Engineer NBC Universal, Chairman DTVAG

Registration for this free-of-charge event is now open, and all members of the digital television audio community are invited to attend. To register, go to

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