Happy to Be an Opera Engineer

October 2017 marks my 45th consecutive year as (freelance) engineer-in-charge at the media department at the Metropolitan Opera. That’s a long time to work for a company, but it’s not so special at the Met. One of our video engineers, still working on our television productions, began five years before me. On Sunday night, as […]  More

Schubin Cafe: Cinema Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Light and Sound Interactive Hyatt Regency Rochester, NY Recorded on September 13, 2017 As we approach the 125th anniversary of people paying to watch movies, Mark Schubin, who has been working in the field for 50 years, takes us on a quick journey from seemingly undirected early “actualities,” through a century of innovations, to some […]  More

Can we handle a 4K world when HD still seems to be so hard?

As the FCC pushes for ATSC 3.0 for 4K HDR, it’s been 20+ years since they approved ATSC with its optional HD formats. Nevertheless, is the industry ready for 4K when it still can’t do HD right? I’m not talking about 4K production; I’m talking 4K distribution. And I don’t mean bandwidth compression formats. Early […]  More

What the H? Did Pittsburg Give Us Our First Letter? By Mark Schubin

In 1957, a plaque commemorating “Hollywood’s Golden Jubilee” was dedicated by the mayor of Los Angeles, but everything about it was wrong.  Was Hollywood actually born in Pennsylvania?  Sixty years after the ceremony Mark Schubin tries to uncover the truth. And, no, Pittsburg, the one in Pennsylvania, is not spelled incorrectly above or here.  Find […]  More

The Polish Polymath Who Came Up With Television For Opera – In 1878

  His name was Julijan Ochorowicz (though his first name was also spelled Julian or even Julien), and he was, among other things, a scientist, engineer, mathematician, inventor (credited with the first hands-free telephone), economist, linguist, Egyptologist, philosopher, poet, teacher, paranormal-phenomena investigator, and pioneer of experimental and clinical psychology.  His first thesis was on the […]  More