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Friday, December 15, 2017SVG Summit: Dome Productions' Mike Johnson, AT&T Entertainment Group's John Ward Break Down UHD/HDRAs 2017 nears its conclusion, there was one more bit of sports television history to be made as DirecTV delivered an NHL game in UHD/HDR (high dynamic range) on December 14. While UHD and HDR production have become a part of everyday sports production in the UK, here in the U.S., the case has yet to be made to compel sports production teams to embrace 4K and HDR on a large level. That tide may change in 2018, placing many production teams on a steep learning curve. Thankfully, there are a number of executives in the industry who have experience working in HDR and UHD. In this keynote conversation from the 2017 SVG Summit, our Jason Dachman speaks with Dome Productions' Director of Engineering Mike Johnson and AT&T Entertainment Group' SVP, Content Operations John Ward about some of the practical challenges in HDR and UHD production, and how that will change the way your team works.Thursday, December 14, 2017SVG Summit: Fox Sports Previews 2018 FIFA World Cup Production Plans [FULL CONVERSATION]While much has been made in the press as to what might happen with Fox Sports' coverage of the FIFA World Cup, following the untimely qualification exit of the US Men's National Team, it was clear during a keynote conversation at this week's SVG Summit that there's no taking the foot of the gas for this summer's massive soccer party. Fox's FIFA World Cup Executive Producer David Neal and VP, Field Operations/Engineering Kevin Callahan took the stage at the SVG Summit in an interview with our Ken Kerschbaumer to discuss everything from how Fox Sports will program around the event, their technical operations in Moscow at the IBC and across Russia, and much more.Thursday, December 14, 2017AT&T Entertainment Group's John Ward Announces the Delivery of a Live UHD/HDR NHL GameAT&T Entertainment Group confirmed that DirecTV will attempt to deliver a live 4K/HDR NHL hockey game (Pittsburgh v. Vegas) on December 14. AT&T Entertainment Group's SVP, Content Operations John Ward first broke the news at the SVG Summit on December 12, adding how excited his company was to bring UHD/HDR to the consumer's home.Thursday, December 14, 2017Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame 2017: Bill RafteryBill Raftery’s career as a basketball analyst has spanned more than 32 years and includes being a mainstay for CBS and others for events like the NCAA Tournament, Final Four, the Big East Championship, Big Ten Championship, ACC Championship, and SEC Championship, as well as NBA games for the New Jersey Nets. A two-time Emmy Award-winning analyst with playing and coaching experience, Raftery combines keen analysis and opinion with unsurpassed enthusiasm and unique catchphrases.Wednesday, December 13, 2017ESPN President John Skipper Previews ESPN Plus, Tackles Media Trends [FULL CONVERSATION]The rapidly changing media business has challenged America's largest sports media company, ESPN. 2018, however, promises to be a year of bold movement for the "Worldwide Leader in Sports." At the 2017 SVG Summit, ESPN President and Disney Media Networks Co-Chairman John Skipper joined our own Ken Kerschbaumer on stage to discuss the upcoming direct-to-consumer product 'ESPN Plus' and tackles other emerging media trends such as the place of in-depth sports journalism, evolving consumer consumption behaviors, and much more.Wednesday, December 13, 2017Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame 2017: Jack SimmonsJack Simmons began his career in the NBC New York mailroom in 1970 and recently retired from Fox Sports, where he was SVP of production operations. In 1987, he was named manager of planning for NBC Sports Operations and joined Fox in 1994 as director of production at the then-fledgling network. Truly a jack of all trades, Simmons was always up for any challenge and now works to help veterans join the sports-TV industry.Wednesday, December 13, 2017Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame 2017: John A. WalshJohn A. Walsh joined ESPN in 1988, and his fingerprints are on many of the network’s largest initiatives and launches. He retired in 2015, closing out his career as EVP and executive editor. He was instrumental in developing ESPN’s journalistic enterprise, including SportsCenter, Outside the Lines, and many other ESPN news/information products and networks. He also led creation of ESPN The Magazine and The ESPYS and, for many years, drove the editorial direction of, ESPN Radio, and more.Wednesday, December 13, 2017Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame 2017: Michael WeismanMichael Weisman’s career has plenty of highlights, including winning 24 Emmys and working on 23 World Series and MLB Championship Series and 20 Super Bowl and NFL Championship Games. He was the youngest-ever producer and executive producer at NBC Sports. But his real legacy is the impact he has had with his ability to develop talent in front of and behind the camera. He’s the man who put Bob Costas in a studio role and created the announcer-coach position for Marty Glickman. In addition, he was part of the organizing team for the 1994 World Cup in Los Angeles and joined Fox Sports when it launched its baseball coverage in 1996.Wednesday, December 13, 2017Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame 2017: Lesley VisserA pioneer in sports broadcasting, Lesley Visser has had that word attached to much of her career and is the most highly acclaimed female sportscaster of all time. Among her firsts is being the only woman to be recognized by the Pro Football Hall of Fame as the 2006 recipient of the Pete Rozelle Radio and Television Award, the first female NFL analyst on TV and the only sportscaster in history (male or female) who has worked on Final Four, NBA Finals, World Series, Triple Crown, Monday Night Football, the Olympics, the Super Bowl, the World Figure Skating Championships, and the U.S. Open network broadcasts. She is currently a reporter for CBS Sports, among her firsts.Wednesday, December 13, 2017Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame 2017: Allan H. "Bud" SeligBud Selig was the ninth commissioner of Major League Baseball, serving as acting commissioner from 1992 to 1998 and as official commissioner until 2015. During his tenure, he implemented and expanded the use of instant replay and oversaw the launch of the MLB Network and the growth of into one of sport’s most powerful entities. Selig also oversaw baseball through the introduction of the wild-card playoff format and was instrumental in organizing the World Baseball Classic in 2006.