QuStream to introduce Integrity 600 modules at IBC

QuStream Corporation will introduce its compact Integrity 600 range of broadcast-quality signal processing, conversion and distribution modules plus the Cheetah V5 DVI-I transmission link to the European market on Stand 2.241 at IBC2007 in Amsterdam.

The QuStream Integrity 600 modular system includes a high-speed chassis and range of video and audio distribution amplifiers. A full range of signal conversion and processing boards are on the way. The Integrity 600 FRM603 chassis is designed for both reliability and density with high-level redundancy. Features include redundant power supply and optional redundant control plus reference board for two power busses, two Ethernet busses and two reference signals to every card in the system. Also two sets of fans with individual tachometers for early warning of potential fan failure.

The Integrity 600 FRM603 chassis accommodates up to 20 signal processing cards in addition to the control/genlock boards, enabling higher density and reducing system cost. The midplane is unique with 3 Gbit/s signal busses between two Star slots and all other boards as well as between adjacent boards. The Star board slots permit full bandwidth system integration through CWDM fiber or other transmission standards. All boards including video and audio DAs can receive or send signals to other boards via the midplane. This makes the Integrity 600 powerful for processing, conversion and distribution.

Modules currently available for the Integrity 600 series consist of the


DDA-617, DDA617AA and DDA617DA series of down-converting video/digital-audio DAs with 270 Mbit/s to 3 Gbit/s 1080p inputs. Outputs comprise three reclocked HD, one menu-selectable HD/SD and three composite/SDI outputs with one of the three selectable as an AES audio pair. The DDA-617DA can optionally be configured to output eight AES pairs (double-width panel) and seven AES plus one stereo audio (double-width) with the DDA617AA.

There are 16 digital video distribution models in the DVA-600 series, including the DVA617 (1×7), DVA6115 (1×15), DVA623 (dual 1×3) and DVA6214 (dual 1×7). All video DAs are designed for 270 Mbit/s to 3 Gb/s 1080p inputs with 1.5 Gbit/s models currently shipping. The dual channel models give a higher density and a lower cost per channel; many have double-wide rear panels with 16 connectors for the lowest cost per output. All DAs include flexible input selection from the midplane as well as the normal BNC inputs, rear-panel, midplane left, right, and two Star slot connections to the midplane. Carrier-presence and lock monitoring is incorporated on all models with an advanced monitoring option for monitoring of EDH errors, SAV/EAV errors, format type, frozen source image, temperature and power.

Several AES and analog audio processing, conversion and distribution modules are also available. All DA modules are designed as analog and AES interfaces through the midplane to adjacent video conversion, synchronization and processing boards as well as process and distribute analog or AES audio.

The AES688 is the top AES module with 16 AES (32 channels) bidirectional IO. It can be used as a 1×15, 2×14, 4×12 et cetera AES DA with full routing selection or a 15×1, 14×2, 12×4, et cetera. Features include AES routing with full user-controlled gain, summing and delay insertion. Reduced feature set versions such as the AES644 are available.

The ADA688 has eight analog channels inputs and outputs with A to D conversion for AES outputs to and from adjacent boards and the Star slots. Full audio processing is also available such as individual and bank gain control, channel routing, mixing and delay insertion. The product series also includes reduced feature-set modules. The UDC650, UDC651 and UDC652 up/down/cross-conversion module will be available this winter. Other modules such as HD synchronizers, legalizers and color correctors will be available soon after for the FRM603 chassis.

QuStream is also introducing
a compact modular system, QuStream’s Cheetah V5 DVI-I transmission link enables long-distance delivery of DVI-I video or VGA component video and stereo audio via a single optical fiber or coaxial cable. It also allows DVI video to be routed via conventional routing switcher technology over a secure optical fiber signal path. Versions of the Cheetah V5-DVI are available as stand-alone modules or in a convenient 1 RU rack-mount kit. The optical fiber model has a range of up to 6 miles (10 km) in single mode. The fiber modules also provide inbuilt support for multimode and single mode cable up to 1200 ft (400m). A looping output is provided on the transmission feed for DVI or VGA local monitoring. The tuned data rate is 1.485 Gbit/s which allows signals to pass through HD-SDI routers without additional processing.

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