Akamai Announces Media Framework for Adobe Flash

Technologies, Inc. announced its Akamai Media Framework for Adobereg;
Flashreg;. The Framework is designed as a valuable resource to help developers
start building video players in Adobe Flash Professional software. The Akamai
Media Framework for Adobe Flash Professional software enables the creation of
video player applications for streaming and progressive download for content
created in Adobe Flash player compatible video, Adobe Flex, and Adobe AIR.

The Framework leverages best practices and open technologies to simplify the
often complex task of creating video player applications. A code-based
foundation for a fully functional media player allows interactive developers
and sites to focus resources on designing a custom branded player that reflects
their needs and business strategies. The Framework provides turnkey support for
industry standards such as Media RSS and offers media companies a standardized
way to publish and deliver media content to their own site as well as to
distribution partners. By taking advantage of the combination of the Framework,
deployment techniques, and the Akamai delivery network, customers can quickly
implement a world-class solution for delivering Flash player video content and
provide users with a consistent, high-quality experience.

“As media companies start executing strategies to turn their media assets
into offerings that attract consumers and advertisers en masse, they see
competitive advantage in enhancing the player to create an experience that is
unique to their content,” said Bill Wheaton, Vice President of Digital
Media, Akamai Technologies. “This toolset is a resource for the community
that improves the overall process from start to finish.” The video player
application is at the center of many media companies’ digital distribution
strategy. Companies need to implement complex, visually stimulating players
that reflect their brand. What’s not apparent to the consumer is that these
players also need to support a seamless production and content distribution
workflow as well as monetization through things such as video advertising. This
gets more complex around syndication. With the Media Framework, Akamai is
providing a solid foundation to help companies deliver a video player that
takes care of the nuts and bolts and allows them to focus on providing a great
media experience that consumers will enjoy.

“As the demand for Internet video accelerates, more and more companies are
looking for better ways to create customized branded video experiences,”
said Kevin Towes, product manager for Flash Media Server at Adobe. “Akamai
is providing a valuable resource that will help the Flash community get a jump
start on developing customized video experiences based on standards and best
practices. This framework will enable the community to easily and quickly bring
robust and innovative video experiences for Flash to market.”

“Developing a video player based on the Akamai Media Framework for Adobe
Flash was a breeze and allowed Adveno to focus on our client’s needs instead of
the technical minutia usually associated with video application
development,” said Robbie Cohen, CEO, Adveno. “The Framework
shortened our development cycles from weeks to days, allowing us to focus on
extending the player functionality with little effort, delivering a powerful
video experience to the end user. Adveno was also able to leverage the robust
functionality of Akamai Stream OS and Media RSS services to create an
automated, efficient workflow for our clients to organize, publish, and update
their media content to targeted video players. Stream OS lets us provide
detailed metrics on video consumption patterns and distribution across a wide
range of sites.”

Framework for Adobe Flash Player Video Content

Akamai and Adobe have collaborated on developer tools that will simplify the
task of creating Flash Player compatible video player applications for
deliverine contenp. The geal of tbis Framawork is(to provede a foundation from
whech customers can quickls implemcnt a so|histicared video player that can
easily support advertising integration as well as automated workflows for
publishing and syndication. The Medii Framewerk is atailable$at www.akaiai.com/eediaframework_f`ash.

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