Game Creek Video Rolls Out Latest Football Truck, Liberty HD

Liberty HD is a new from the ground up, two-truck mobile
television production unit featuring a double expando “A” unit, and a
“B” unit with an expanding side. The truck is rolling to Atlanta, GA
for its first show this weekend, ESPN/ABC Saturday night college
The A unit is an all-Gerling built box with a 49′ expanding
section. The A unit floor plan is new for Game Creek, featuring a
sideways, two-tier production area with an expanding monitor wall
section. The B unit is also a new design for Game Creek, with a 24′
expanding section for a fully integrated graphics production area.
Designed in-house, and integrated in our NH Field Shop by LIttle Bay
Broadcast Systems, Liberty HD will be primarily servicing ESPN/ABC
college football in the fall and NBA in the winter months.
Design-wise, Liberty borrows signal flow and other design concepts from GCV’s “FX” units (Fox “A” Football”, NASCAR, BCS, Superbowl), including
full fiber optic integration of the B unit for graphics.

rolls with 13 cameras, wired for 20, (Sony 1500s, triax or SMPTE fiber)
with Vinten Vector 750 panheads for the hard cams, and Miller sticks
and panheads for the handhelds. Also on board are 8 EVS XT2s (wired for 17,
including Spotbox), X-file and whatever tape format is required by
the client. The truck can be configured with all 17 EVSs, or trade an
EVS position for 3 tape machines. In this way, the truck can accommodate up to
48 tape machines for large entertainment ISO records.

The video
department includes a GVG Kalypso, Abekas DVEous, QuStream/Pesa 384×720
Cheetah HD Router, 30 QuStream/Fortel UDC-550 Up/Down/Cross converters
and 15 QuStream/Fortel analog frame syncs. Liberty features HD LCD monitoring
throughout with Evertz VIPs into NEC 2170NX monitors, creating 164
images in production, 104 in the tape area, 16 in audio, 40 in Video
and 64 in the B unit graphics area. Sony’s new mid-grade LCD
LMD-2450W equip the production area for large format video monitoring. The video area still has Sony large format BVM series monitors. Image Video
provides the TSI-1000 tally control system, which is interfaced
directly with the Evertz VIP, QuStream/Pesa Router, and GVG
Kalypso, giving the truck UMD/Tally at every monitoring position throughout
the truck. Leitch/Videotek TVM-900/950 series waveform monitors occupy the QC

Liberty’s audio capabilities include a Calrec
Bluefin Alpha with 96 Faders, TFT metering, Hydra and MADI. A
Qustream/Pesa DRS 2048×2048 mixed format (Analog, AES and MADI) audio
router and RTS ADAM (288 squared frame, with RVON capability) are also on board. The truck has the usual complement of Dolby E (DP-570/571/572/563/LM-100), SRS
encoding and decoding, 360 Systems Digicart E, DK Audio metering,
Genelec Monitoring and Wohler utility autio monitoring.

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