Mark Schubin on “This Thing Called 3D”

It has been a heck of a month for 3D announcements.  Comcast carried The Final Destination in 3D on the day of its DVD release. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) seemed all about 3D.  The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) issued a report on 3D TV.  The program recently posted for next month’s Hollywood Post Alliance (HPA) Tech Retreat includes not only a 3D-in-the-Home “supersession” but also other presentations on such issues as 3D gaming, 3D projection, 3D vision, and, from Adobe, 3D video stabilization.  What does it all mean?  That’s the sort of question one might ask after reading the front page of a newspaper, one carrying perhaps a dozen stories on different topics, because the 3D discussed in the above paragraph also covers multiple topics, not all of them associated with depth perception. Mark Schubin weighs in on the latest happenings at the Schubin Cafe. Click here to read his most recent posting.

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