IBC 2010: Vizrt Announces 3D Partnerships with LiberoVision, Stergen

At IBC 2010, Vizrt (Hall 2, Stand B10), will showcase the fruits of its new partnership with Zurich-based 3D virtual sports specialist LiberoVision.

LiberoVision is integrating its dedicated Libero rendering engine software with Vizrt’s range of content production software. Broadcasters like ESPN, NBC, BBC, ZDF, Sky Italia, and Televisa have used LiberoVision’s Emmy-nominated 3D technology for sports analysis and virtual replays.

According to LiberoVision CEO, Stephan Würmlin Stadler, many of LiberoVision’s customers are also Vizrt customers, and they were looking for more integration between the two systems. “Our clients are very happy with their Vizrt systems and the features they provide,” says Stadler. “They like the configurability of the Viz Engine renderer and the graphic look and feel of the different software modules. We thought it would be a win/win to bring our state-of-the-art sports enhancement technology together with the customization and interaction that Vizrt products provide. Clients wish to put their own computer-generated graphics and annotations over the imagery created with our rendering system to have their own look and feel. With this partnership, we’re combining the technology our clients want and enabling them to use their experience with Vizrt and LiberoVision to the fullest. We foresee a variety of different exploitations of how our products could work together. We’re very excited about the expanded creativity this will generate for our combined clientele.”

LiberoVision will showcase its Libero Highlight within the Vizrt booth at IBC 2010. Libero Highlight provides realistic 3D replays that are indistinguishable from the images produced by the on-site television cameras. It enables the broadcaster to move the viewer‘s perspective to areas not covered by the in-stadium cameras, such as over-the-shoulder of the quarterback or the birdseye view showing the entire field.

At IBC, LiberoVision will also introduce its new Libero Offside for instant offsides 3D analysis during soccer games. It‘s a dedicated application aimed at resolving offsides disputes during soccer games.

The systems feature LiberoVision’s patented image processing technology that transforms the camera feeds into 3D representation. Sports involves highly complex, moving imagery. The LiberoVision system enables the broadcaster to take those images in 3D form and move them anywhere within the scene as if a 3D camera were capturing it. “Initially, the computer doesn’t know where the camera is, where the players are or where the stand is. Our software answers those questions and fuses the data together into a 3D model instantly. Most great technology can do this in a way that’s pixel perfect, but it takes two days. No one’s interested in two days. We can do it instantly.”

To view video examples of LiberoVision, click here and here.

Vizrt Teams with Stergen on 2D-to-3D Conversion

At IBC, Vizrt will also announce a new partnership with Stergen, the maker of 2D to stereoscopic 3D video conversion software.  With this alliance, Vizrt will now offer tight integration between Stergen stereo 3D conversion software tailored to sports TV networks, sports leagues and webcasters and Vizrt’s own comprehensive stereo 3D graphics portfolio. The integration will be on display within Vizrt’s IBC 2010 booth.

Vizrt operators will now be able to use Stergen software to convert 2D archival and pre-produced, as well as live video, in conjunction with Vizrt’s stereographical applications, with unmatched quality and depth perception.

At IBC 2010, Stergen will launch its Highlights version. Early next year, Stergen plans to introduce a live version that converts 2D video to stereo 3D in real-time for delivery to stereo 3D cinemas, mobile devices and home entertainment centers.  Stergen’s real-time conversion software includes Stergen Arena, which connects to a single, live 2D camera output to produce live stereo 3D video from sports arenas and mobile video units; and Stergen Studio, for use in broadcast studios or cable head-ends to convert live, 2D video programs to stereo 3D in real-time.

Vizrt Delves Further into 3D with latest Viz Engine, Viz Artist Software

Also at Vizrt’s booth will be Viz Engine/Artist 3.3. Vizrt will demonstrate advancements in real-time stereo 3D rendering, including the ability to insert real 3D graphics in true Z-space to enhance a stereoscopic production. Vizrt will also demonstrate sophisticated virtual studio technology, HD 3D graphics, and 3D visual effects, among other live and studio event applications.  One noteworthy demonstration will show particle effects and animations created in real-time for Europe’s premiere live event, “The Eurovision Song Contest,” using Vizrt’s new RFxPlayer plug-in.

Viz Engine (rendering)/Artist (3D/2D modeling and animation) 3.3 and Viz Virtual Studio (virtual sets) support interactivity right out of the box.  At IBC, there will be demos of the latest developments in interactivity, including the new multi-touch API within Viz Engine 3.3, and the new scripting functionality within Artist 3.3, which work in tandem to support a variety of multi-touch devices and displays.

Viz Engine/Artist 3.3 is a robust, fast, cost-effective platform for creating stereoscopic 3D graphics and video content for live sports, entertainment, and other premium TV shows.

The Viz Engine/Artist 3.3 platform is also versatile and expandable thanks to efficient plugins, scripting, and an improved user interface.  ExtraVizPlugins are now integrated within the Viz Engine installer so users no longer have to install them separately.  Users also benefit from a growing, global community of Viz Engine/Artist experts and support technicians.

IBC Marks Debuts of Viz Weather 2.2 and Viz World 10.2

In addition Vizrt will introduce Viz Weather 2.2 and Viz World 10.2.

Viz Weather, Vizrt’s template-based, real-time 3D weather solution, utilizes live weather data from a wide array of weather data providers to trigger high-resolution graphics and animations automatically.  Viz Weather also fully integrates with Viz World for the creation of distinctive, branded, high-quality maps.  Viz World, now version 10.2, was formerly known as Viz Curious Maps.

Viz Weather 2.2 offers enhanced interoperability with other Vizrt systems and enables Viz Weather pages to be played out from many other Vizrt play-out systems, including Viz Content Pilot, Viz Trio and Viz Multichannel.  Rather than being confined to the weather graphics system, this ability gives broadcasters the unprecedented freedom to use their weather graphics in other systems, such as those for live news. This flexible workflow carries over to Viz World 10.2, which integrates with Vizrt client applications. Rather than waiting for the graphics department to create maps on a one-off basis, anyone on the broadcast team—including producers, journalists, weather people and CG operators—can use the Viz World Client to create high-quality, template-based maps whenever they are needed. Maps created with Viz World can then be played in real-time by Viz Engine, without the need for lengthy recording and editing. The look of the maps is fully configurable by the station, allowing maps to be consistent with the station’s brand.

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