Super Bowl XLV: Game Creek To Rely Exclusively on Canon Lenses

At this Sunday’s Super Bowl XLV, Game Creek Video will use Canon’s 100-times XJ100x9.3B long-zoom HD field lenses exclusively for all telephoto shots. All of Game Creek Video’s Super Bowl game coverage will again be done exclusively with Canon HD lenses.

All of Game Creek Video’s 18 hard Sony HD field cameras will be equipped with Canon XJ100x9.3B long-zoom HD field lenses. All of Game Creek Video’s portable HD cameras will be equipped with Canon HJ22ex7.6B and HJ11x4.7B ENG-style lenses, and HJ21ex7.5B portable EFP lenses.

“To my knowledge this is the first time that the Super Bowl has been done where all of the large box lenses were 100-bys, so it’s a great accomplishment for our company – and for Canon as well – that these lenses are in such demand and so sought after by the production teams that we deal with,” says Pat Sullivan, president of Game Creek Video.

Game Creek Video plans to use nine of its mobile production units for its Super Bowl XLV coverage. It will provide all equipment for the network’s main domestic feed for the United States and Canada, as well as for the pre-game show and the red-carpet celebrity arrival event.

According to Canon, the XJ100x9.3B long-zoom HD field lens is the industry’s first triple-digit long-zoom HD field lens. Sullivan describes it as “exceptionally stable and it gives directors a lot of capabilities for each camera on which they are mounted. You don’t have to worry about where your ‘hard’ cameras are placed when each one is equipped with the largest, most powerful lenses available today. The Canon 100xs gives directors a lot of flexibility to ‘tell their story’ while utilizing the best equipment that they can get.”