NAB 2011: I-MOVIX, Fletcher Sports To Address State of Extreme Slo-Mo

At the 2011 NAB Show, I-MOVIX CEO Laurent Renard and Project Manager David Bourgeois will team up with Fletcher Sports Vice President Dan Grainge to deliver a session entitled “Extreme Slow Motion: When Bringing the Invisible to Light Becomes a Breeze.”

Scheduled for 9-11 a.m. on Wed., April 13, the session will survey the state of play in extreme slow-motion broadcasting, before going on to focus on the technical and operational factors for broadcasters working with the latest generation of turnkey ultra slow-motion systems. Dan Grainge will present the user’s perspective, based on the pioneering work of Fletcher Sports with some of the US’s premier sports and entertainment events, which include the first-ever ultra slow-motion 3D action.