Harris Corporation Addresses Transition to Digital and Global Broadcast Strategies

Harris Corporation, an international communications and information technology company, is extending its transmission portfolio for terrestrial TV broadcasters with new products that address the ongoing transition to digital and enrichment of over-the-air services. 

At the 2011 NAB Show, Harris will introduce the Maxiva UAX Compact Class transmitter, Apex M2X exciter IP and satellite receiver modules, and Harris Outdoor Transmission Enclosures.

The Maxiva UAX Compact Class is an air-cooled, UHF TV transmitter that provides terrestrial TV and mobile DTV broadcasters with several options to boost over-the-air services.  The transmitter is ideal for extending market coverage in challenging situations, including busy urban areas that require greater building penetration. 

The Maxiva UAX Compact Class transmitter range system family will also include translators/transposers and single-frequency network (SFN) gap-fillers with adaptive echo cancellation, providing a full range of Harris transmission solutions that allow DTV broadcasters to cover their markets.  Deployment across single-frequency networks that require multiple synchronized transmitters offers a way to reach viewers in suburban or rural areas shadowed by mountains and other obstacles. 

The Harris Apex M2X multimedia exciter technology supports global digital standards and flawless signal quality in almost every Harris TV transmitter.  The exciter’s modular architecture enables simple expansion to drive new transmission solutions.

New modules include an IP input for ASI streams that allows the user to manage the interface while retaining the existing backup ports in native ASI transport stream formats.  A new DVB-S/DVB-S2 satellite receiver module, modeled after successful Harris satellite IRD products, allows broadcasters to download satellite content and feed it directly into the exciter without external device requirements.

Harris is also exhibiting an example of one of its new range of Outdoor Transmission Enclosures for cost-effective and technically-sound deployments at non-traditional broadcast transmission sites.  The enclosures provide pre-built solutions for high-power broadcasters by adding repeater sites to improve market coverage, as well as low-power, mobile and radio broadcasters that rely on shared sites or single-frequency networks.

Harris Outdoor Transmission Enclosures offer everything required to support terrestrial and mobile transmission, including HVAC and electrical systems, the transmitter and associated hardware, and RF systems including antennas and filters.