Sennheiser Takes on Massive Wireless Audio Installation at CTV Facilities

Sennheiser is nearing the completion of a significant wireless audio installation at CTV facilities across Canada. With 28 conventional stations, 29 specialty stations, and 33 radio stations, CTV reaches over 25 million viewers each week, offering a wide range of programming, including sports, news, and entertainment.

Sennheiser’s recent installation ensures that the network will be able to maintain high quality and reliability throughout its broadcast operations, while ensuring compliance with government regulations as Canada prepares for its 700 MHz transition.

“We have been using Sennheiser microphones and other equipment since our facility opened in 1960,” says Allan Morris, SVP, Engineering, Operations and IT, CTV Inc.  “Over the many decades and periods of growth that followed, Sennheiser has proven its worth in sheer performance and reliability. As our requirements continue to evolve, we know we can count on Sennheiser to deliver the quality and flexibility we will need to support our growth.”

Most recently, Sennheiser supplied CTV’s broadcast operations with 80 channels of wireless including MKE 2-Gold lavalier microphones, SK 5212 transmitters and EM 3732 receivers. Additionally, Sennheiser provided CTV with 60 channels of in ear monitors (IEMs) & IFB, complete with EM 2050 transmitters and EK 2000 body pack receivers. Sennheiser’s EM 3732 receivers deliver high audio quality, with plenty of switching bandwidth. Additionally, the units can be configured to work in either a digital or analog environment.

“CTV’s flagship location in Toronto is a massive facility; each studio is designed to accommodate very specific broadcast needs,” says Doug Spears, director of broadcast sales, Sennheiser Canada. “Our new wireless installation simplifys CTV’s RF management while providing enhanced flexibility for both the production crews and on-air talent. More importantly, it provides the network with the infrastructure needed to accommodate future growth.”

The installation is expected to be complete in early April.