Colorado State Football Taps Sony, DVSport for HD Upgrade

Colorado State University is using Sony Electronics’ high-definition cameras and DVSport software to enhance its methods for recording and reviewing its football practice sessions. In its indoor facility, the university has installed Sony BRC-700 HD robotic cameras, which are operating in conjunction with DVSport’s GameDay software, a football-specific digital video editing, data analysis and reporting package.

The combination of the two technologies allows the university’s athletic department and coaching staffs to quickly analyze players during practice, make decisions in real-time and quickly adjust their methods. In addition, the cameras installed at fixed locations offer a safer, easier and more manageable video production solution, eliminating the need for manned camera positions that need to be set-up and continually adjusted during a session.

“We were looking for a strong internal video production system as well as increased video capture flexibility,” said Jeff Dotson of Colorado State University’s athletic department.  “The DVSport-Sony system fits our needs perfectly and makes our coaching analysis and video production extremely efficient. This is a logical choice for us both now and in the long term.”

The use of the GameDay software with the Sony cameras delivers a more streamlined video ingest process, with practice footage captured directly and in real-time to laptop computers through the software’s “live” feature. As a result, practices sessions can also be directly saved and stored to a server, and archived and easily accessed for review — a significant time and cost-savings for the video production teams.

“We have been discussing both the advantages of remote camera placement and software workflow integration with these versatile cameras with many of our customers and non-customers alike this off-season,” said Brian Lowe, President and CEO of DVSport.  “Our belief is that the steps that Jeff Dotson and Colorado State are taking with Sony and DVSport will become common-place in the industry.”

The GameDay software also includes built-in game analysis, data entry and reporting, and easy-to-navigate video controls, as well as the ability to telestrate over video, breakdown opponent tendencies, create custom cutups and create video and slide presentations that can be output to a variety of sources.

The software-camera solution also allows for specific pre-sets, so coaching staffs can benefit from more uniformity and consistency in each recorded session. For example, one of the fixed cameras is always trained on the scoreboard for a perfectly framed view in each shot, and the cameras can be controlled to record certain parts of practice that always occur at the same time, minimizing the amount of set-ups and adjustments that need to be made manually. The teams can also review video as it is being recorded and make quality control decisions in real-time.

The GameDay software and Sony cameras were installed last year, and are also being used for the school’s spring football season.