Bannister Lake Software’s BL Sports Ticker Debuts

Canada’s Sportsnet is the first network to take advantage of BL Sports Ticker, a new sports-centric content-management system from Bannister Lake Software. Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment is expected to be on-air with the system in the coming weeks.

BL Sports Ticker helps broadcasters and sports networks unite disparate workflows, paving the way to consolidate, centralize, and automate existing sports-coverage workflows with a single solution. The solution eliminates the struggle that networks have long experienced to maintain and manage amalgamated channel branding, multiple data sources, and independent graphics and branding across multiple channels and platforms.

“Our existence is based on how it is harder and harder to organize all of the data coming into a graphics system,” says Pete Challinger, VP of U.S. business development, Bannister Lake Software. “But you need to handle all of the incoming data plus add local data and make it all look pretty when it goes out to the screen.”

BL Sports Ticker’s simplified workflow also allows networks with limited staff resources to automate many manual tasks. Editorial staff can preschedule content by time zones or work shifts rather than by game and match dates. In master control, automation support replaces manually driven squeezes and state changes with fully automated, scheduled operations.

A single BL Sports Ticker system can bring in all required data and then deliver the correct data with the correct branding to a nearly limitless number of channels or even zones within a single channel (for example, tickers at the bottom of the screen as well as tickers on top or on the side). Social-media integration is also available.

“Each channel or zone only sees the different source of data that is relevant, like if the channel wants local high school sports scores,” adds Challinger. “The information does not need to be edited multiple times.”

It also offers redundant copies of data and graphics to prevent failure.

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