New Brevity Desktop App Allows Customers, Non-Customers Alike to Accelerate Transport, Transcoding and Compression

Brevity has introduced its new Brevity Desktop product, a  free and easy-to-download application to allow users to quickly receive and send video assets to and from any desktop or laptop using file transport acceleration, enabling seamless collaboration with anyone. In conjunction with its newly launched desktop product, Brevity has been awarded a patent on its pipelined protocol technology.

Brevity Desktop is a solution that provides freedom to deliver or receive large files from any source quickly, while preserving the highest video quality. When combined with Brevity Engines, the Brevity Desktop enables cost-efficient delivery of video files to anyone, anywhere — even if they are not a current Brevity customer.

“Brevity Desktop allows our customers to work with anyone without the need for any special hardware,” says Kevin Norris, President and CEO, Brevity. “Brevity Desktop can send and receive any file to and from a Brevity Engine located anywhere in the world at impressive, accelerated speeds. Utilizing the combination of the Desktop application with a Brevity Engine allows customers to orchestrate complex production, post-production and distribution workflows in just minutes.”

Additionally, Brevity has been awarded a patent for its pipelined protocol, a revolutionary simultaneous and concurrent compression, transmission, and transcoding of files. Now with Brevity Desktop, all users — whether they are Brevity customers or simply working with Brevity customers — can take advantage of this technology to utilize the unique amethod for sending and transcoding digital media files.

“We have developed a truly innovative and unique approach for addressing the industry’s most critical workflows,” says Brevity CTO Jossi Fresco Benaim. “Securing a U.S. patent reflects the company’s continuous innovation and unique abilities to deliver value for our customers. With our Brevity Engines, customers can move content from server to server, while simultaneously transcoding to any format, very quickly. With Brevity Desktop they can now send their content to anyone regardless of hardware.”

Brevity deploys a unique pricing model to make its technology easy to adopt and cost-effective for its customers. By instituting usage-based pricing tiers, the Brevity model fits all of its customers’ needs by providing scalable options for delivering large amounts of content in as many formats as required.

“Other pricing models require large, up-front purchases and penalize you based on your bandwidth or the size of your files,” Norris says. “By pricing our solution on hours of content sent, and with no upfront costs, we offer our customers the ability to drive the greatest ROI, while providing them with an unprecedented level of flexibility to scale for the future. Based on initial reactions, we believe we’ve accomplished these goals, while also rewarding customers for their loyalty.”

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