College Sports Summit Technology Showcase Preview, Part 1

At SVG’s College Sports Summit, more than 35 sponsoring companies will be on hand to showcase their latest technologies geared toward the college market. Check out these companies, and many more, at the Hyatt Hotel in Atlanta on May 28 and 29.

AJT Systems
AJT’s LiveBook GFX Score Bug System comes with SportApp preloaded, making it an easy-to-use, high-end scorebug available in a laptop form factor. The SportApp application and templates are tailored to each sport, promoting an intuitive workflow and offering compelling Score Bug layouts.

The powerful, portable, production-ready LiveBook GFX system comes with a Video IO box, Thunderbolt cables, and the Camino template-authoring software for multiple customization possibilities. The user interface offers such features as a preview channel and on-air monitoring with smart zoom (patent pending). Currently, AJT is supporting basketball on its SportApps.

The Basketball SportApp includes the following sport-specific features:

  • Automatic and manual game clock
  • Shot clock
  • Automatic and manual home/visitor scores.
  • Period
  • Bonus
  • Timeouts
  • Header messages for displaying basketball stats and other information
  • Network/sponsor-logo insertion
  • Preloaded with NBA and NCAA league teams and rules

AJT Systems plans to release the Basketball and Basketball with Stats SportApps in the first half of this year, with Soccer, Baseball, and Football SportApps to follow. The company’s booth will feature a live demo.

ChyronHego will showcase Virtual 1st, its new 1st and 10 system, and the Paint Sports Telestrator.

Virtual 1st allows a single operator to insert first-down lines, scrimmage lines in the color of choice, and animated down-and-distance arrows that can be customized to the unique style of the broadcaster or school.

Virtual 1st tracks camera movement by analyzing up to three camera feeds. This approach removes complexity by using video overlay and sensorless camera tracking technology within a single 2RU rack-mounted server.

Ideal for use in stadiums and mobile units, Virtual 1st features an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface and includes a powerful chroma keyer to mix additional game-enhancing graphics.

Paint is a powerful sports-production analysis tool. Its power lies behind its feature-rich set of tools and simplicity of use. The result is a highly productive tool that can be used by anybody within a sports-production team, whether they are behind the camera or in front of it.

Paint is used to visually analyze game play by graphically enhancing and highlighting video using a variety of telestration tools. Within a typical hour of a game, dozens of telestrated clips can be created live or stored ready for near-live replays or post-match analysis.

Clear-Com will have on display several enhanced intercom products and a brand-new signal-distribution system.

The company will showcase the new additions — HRM-4X Remote Station, HKB-2X Speaker Station, and S-Mount enclosure — to its HelixNet Digital Network Partyline System. Up to now, the platform has consisted of the Main Station, Beltpack, and several interface modules. The four-channel intercom system is networkable, and up to 12 channels of intercom can be put on one XLR or Ethernet/IP line. The Beltpack, Main Station, Remote Station, and Speaker Station can be configured to receive any channel on the intercom system without running extra cables.

ProGrid, the low-latency, highly scalable, and reliable signal-distribution system, will also be exhibited. It redundantly routes, transports, and distributes all signal types over optical fiber with full management and diagnostic capabilities over the Optocore and SANE platform.

In addition, Clear-Com will display the Eclipse HX digital matrix system and Tempest wireless intercom system. Both offerings have allowed sports-production teams to extend their intercom access to more users and to remote stadium locations, where intercom has traditionally been cost-prohibited.

FX Design Group
For more than 25 years, FX Design Group has been creating unforgettable experiences. The company comprises set designers, scenic builders, motion-graphics designers, and lighting experts who understand enhancing the connection between clients and their audience.

FX Design Group will showcase the latest in sports desks, sets, and design. Teams, venues, and networks reach out to FX as they grow their broadcast and coverage of live shows, coaches’ shows, and in-venue programming.

The company’s sports clients include the Kansas City Chiefs, UCF, ESPN, Dallas Cowboys, BYU TV, Indianapolis Colts, Golf Channel, San Francisco 49ers, Orlando Magic, Fox Regional Sports Networks, Charlotte Bobcats, and more. When teams want a partner that understands every aspect of set design, placement, lighting, and motion, they choose FX for a fully integrated approach to showcasing and branding their sports programming.

Additionally, FX Design Group will show its virtual-set design and how teams can use space and cost savings to provide a 3D digital environment that is authentic and believable to the viewer.

Grass Valley
Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, will showcase a sports-production workflow combining innovation and simplicity: LDX Compact series cameras delivering advanced imaging, processing and performance in a compact form factor; the GV Director nonlinear live-production system offering the functionality of a switcher, video server, graphics generator, and multiviewer in one seamless application; GV STRATUS nonlinear media-production tools that efficiently manage and package content during and after a live event, even in complex environments such as live studio production or sports-production tasks where processes can change from one program to the next — or from day to day; and the K2 Dyno replay system that promises to deliver more captivating content than ever before.

Among K2 Dyno’s new features are 4K pan/zoom support with HD extraction, 6X ultra-slow-motion playout (from the LDX XtremeSpeed camera), 6×2 I/Os, full editing capabilities with EDIUS nonlinear editing software, and the tOG-Sports application from RT Software. K2 Dyno’s integration with GV STRATUS provides an extended workflow to review, modify, and publish content locally or remotely with low-resolution proxy video. Grass Valley has also given K2 Dyno the ability to share files with EVS replay servers. This means that local-production content can be exchanged with a broadcaster’s trucks or other media organizations.

Hitachi Kokusai
Hitachi Kokusai America’s sports-production camera packages comprise the company’s popular Z-HD5000 and SK-HD1000 models, available in either uncompressed SMPTE/single-mode optical fiber or the patented HDTV Digital Triax system.

Hitachi’s latest HDTV cameras have been used at some of the biggest international sports events, as well as by many major colleges and university sports programs. The common theme for users is the determination to find the best performance and technology available with the best value.

From Hitachi’s top-of-the-line SK-HD2200 1080p/3G high-performance production camera to the full-featured ⅔-in. Z-HD5000 HDTV camera system, the Hitachi series of HDTV cameras incorporates more built-in connectivity features than any other camera in its price class. All Hitachi cameras are built to stand up to the active nature of sports production. Hitachi’s collegiate end-user list include the University of Alabama, University of Delaware, Georgia Tech, Michigan State University, Rutgers University, Arizona State University, the University of Wisconsin, and more.

Integrated Microwave Technologies (IMT)
IMT will demonstrate its family of RF Central microLite HD transmitters. Comprising the microLite HD camera-top transmitter and two RF Central microLite HD camera-back transmitters, including the Anton/Bauer and V-Clip mounts, the line offers a range of docking options for compatibility with nearly every ENG camera on the market.

RF Central microLite has been specially designed to address the current domestic and international band requirements for sports broadcasting within a single unit. All microLite HD transmitters are available in license-free 5.8 GHz frequency version (licensed 2 GHz is available as well). The 5.8 GHz frequency band unit has a robust 100-mW RF output. Depending on mode and frequency, the transmitter has a range of up to 1 mile. microLite features superb H.264 SD and HD encoding and operates in the standard 2K DVB-T COFDM mode. The H.264 video encoder supports the main profile of the H.264 standard, providing a 30% bitrate reduction or video-quality improvement compared with encoders that support only the H.264 baseline profile.

Each model, which features user-friendly control panels, is suitable for use with IMT’s RF Central Direct VU handheld monitor/receiver. When used together, the microLite and the Direct VU form a complete transmitter and receiver link in the field.

LTN Global
LTN Global delivers live-broadcast–quality video over a managed IP network, enabling users to eliminate satellite-uplink trucks and recurring fiber-connection costs. The company provides 24/7 network support, an online booking system for scheduling feeds, and a proprietary network. Its solution is easy to deploy, easy to use, cost-effective, format- and bitrate-flexible, and high quality and offers less than 200-ms end-to-end latency. LTN Global invites attendees to visit its booth and find out why Fox, CNN, MSNBC, and other major TV networks deploy its solution.

LTN Global will showcase the LTN FlyPack for backhauling live remote events and ad hoc applications for broadcast-quality video. The LTN FlyPack comprises an LTN appliance, encoder, decoder, switch, monitor, keyboard, cellular router, and hardened case. The company will exhibit sports feeds that have gone over the LTN network in the past few months along with live talk-back interviews with universities.

The solution enables a range of capabilities:

  • Transport live video to TV networks, university control rooms, cable headends, TV stations, satellite uplinks, or Web-streaming CDNs
  • Distribute an event to several venues (for example, to a number of conference facilities) for either point-to-point or point-to-multipoint simultaneously
  • Easy-to-use online scheduling system enables the power to flexibly change format and bitrate at source or destination locations

A highly respected supplier for broadcast, pro audio, and pro AV, Markertek offers a wide range of exclusive custom services, including in-house custom cable and metal shops, along with access to the top brands in the industry.

The company will showcase SMPTE hybrid camera cables, tactical fiber snakes, fiber rack-mount solutions, and fiber reels, which are suitable for deploying in stadiums and other live or studio production environments on campus.

Markertek also offers fiber cleaning and repair services regardless of manufacturer. The company performs visual, optical, and electrical tests, providing written estimates along with a full visual diagnostic report. Repaired assemblies are machine-polished and interferometer-tested to industry standards. Repairs are turned around in 10 days or less.

Markertek’s fiber lab is certified for LEMO SMPTE, Neutrik opticalCON, and Canare HFO.

The latest version of MotionRocket’s LaunchPad clip server, LaunchPad 2.5, provides user-requested features and elegant enhancements, such as customizable transitions, smooth DVE windowing of live video and clips, and dynamic graphics using game logic rules.

LaunchPad 2.5 still offers the features of previous versions, including HD-SDI in/out, DVI out (with HD live video), SDI key and fill, ribbon- and fascia-control capabilities, and support for popular video formats (H.264, MPEG-4, and others).

The MotionRocket booth will be in “baseball mode,” showing a real-world configuration being used at MLB facilities with real-time data from OES, Stats from StatCrew, and MLB, even a custom iPad interface that tracks pitch-by-pitch results, at-bat results, and remote clip control.

NeuLion creates dynamic solutions for more than 175 colleges, universities, and conferences across the U.S. The NeuLion College Platform provides a suite of digital tools that seamlessly integrate into one platform creating a single point of interaction. This single database controls everything from video services and Web publishing to ticketing and donor management. The unified, user-friendly platform enables the athletic department to establish stronger relationships with every fan, achieve higher engagement, and increase revenue across all department activities.

NeuLion will host the next installment of its hit live broadcast, Digital Dudes, from the SVG College Sports Summit show floor. Over the course of two days, multiple speakers from some of the world’s leading innovators in college athletics and digital media will discuss a variety of engaging topics. The show will be viewable for all those in attendance as well as live and on-demand on PC, tablet, and mobile devices. Visit to register and see the full lineup of speakers. Show sponsors include NeuLion and NewTek.

Primestream will give attendees an in-depth look at its new FORK 4.6 suite of cross-platform media-asset–management (MAM) and production-automation software used by broadcasters, postproduction, and new-media facilities around the world.

FORK’s new features include the following:

  • Workflow Manager v1.0, a new add-on module for designing internal video-production processes across multiple departments of an organization. Simplifying task management enables content creators to focus on decision-making, communicating, and creating, while connecting administrators, engineers, and support staff to the workflow for staying informed and controlling the efficiency of the production process.
  • Two-way communication with popular craft editors, such as Adobe Premiere Pro (CS6 and Creative Cloud), Avid Media Composer, and Apple Final Cut Pro X. The integrations support edit-while-capture workflows with the benefits of the FORK MAM and automation platform for I/O, logging, tagging, proxy editing, workflow management, and archiving.
  • Logger 1.0 module enables metadata-tagging workflows for live sports broadcasting, player-scouting, and video coaching — all on a single unified platform for ingesting, managing, and distributing content. FORK now integrates with in-depth data feeds from STATS, s global supplier of sports information, technology, and content. With this service, FORK Logger users can start their sessions with pre-populated placeholders that contain rich event data pulled from the STATS feed: team name, location info, rosters, conference, win/loss records. Working from these populated placeholders enables users to avoid manually entering data and increases the accuracy of the descriptive information.
  • Xchange Suite 3.0 provides broadcasters instant access to content on their FORK production servers from any HTML5-supported Web browser or Apple iPad device, allowing users to browse, edit metadata, edit content, and create annotations and subclips on content from anywhere.

FORK 4.6 also features expanded APIs that enable new archiving workflows with SGL, Quantum, and Atempo, allowing FORK users to browse, search, and filter archived content inside their off-line storage from within the FORK Content Navigator MAM.

Quantum StorNext production-storage and archive solutions power modern workflows, enabling content creators to collaborate in real time and keep assets readily accessible for future use and re-monetization. Evolving to address 4K and beyond workflows, increased camera formats, a greater number of delivery options, and tighter deadlines, the StorNext 5 platform supports every step of media workflows, managing content files from ingest through finishing, into delivery, and finally into long-term archive. Today’s broadcasters, studios, and thousands of smaller content creators use StorNext to create award-winning productions.

Ross Video
Ross Video will be showcasing its successful sports-solution bundle comprising Carbonite production switchers and XPression real-time motion-graphics systems tied together with ViewControl, a next-generation touchscreen user interface.

The newest Carbonite C2S control panel will be at the Summit. A new 24-button, 2M/E panel incorporating individual mix-effects memory keypads suits this switcher for sports productions where the TD prefers to switch the show directly from the memory keypad.

Integrated with Carbonite will be XPression, which now offers solutions for virtually every type of onscreen live-graphics requirement. Also showing will be XPression GO!, a portable solution running on a laptop, with full HD-SDI I/O. XPression GO! systems enable you to produce high-quality, fast-recall graphics for an entire program quickly and easily, an asset for sports applications.

Also slated to be exhibited is Ross Mobile Productions, a premium full-service mobile-sports-production packager, which delivers premium content at affordable prices to many major sports networks, universities, and international organizations.

TVU Networks
TVU Networks provides organizations around the globe with innovative IP-based wireless ENG and broadcast solutions. Already in use by hundreds of broadcast organizations worldwide, the TVUPack family of IP transmission solutions gives broadcasters a powerful and reliable tool to distribute live video content to broadcast, online, and mobile platforms. Among the IP-based video-transmission solutions offered by TVU, the TVUPack, a video-transmitter backpack that gives broadcasters satellite and microwave TV truck functionality in a lightweight, portable, and untethered form, will be featured in Atlanta. The TVUPack family of products delivers professional-quality live HD footage of a number of important events, including the World Cup, the London and Sochi Olympics, U.S. presidential elections, Hurricane Sandy, and the 2013 Papal conclave.

Since its founding in 2005, TVU has provided solutions that enable any size broadcaster to overcome the limitations of traditional broadcasting infrastructure, expand distribution to a wider audience, and capture and broadcast live video content in a cost-effective way. TVU Networks is privately held and is headquartered in Mountain View, CA, with offices in New York; Boston; Raleigh, NC; and Shanghai, China.

Verizon Digital Media Services
Verizon Live Events enables event streaming from anywhere, to any device, at any time. The company’s innovative cloud-based platform streams live events to any number of global viewers. Easy self-provisioning and scheduling, flexible video acquisition, and instantly scalable delivery over Verizon Digital Media Services’ content network ensure that audiences won’t miss a moment. Millions of streams have been delivered for such events as the USTA US Open, PS4 Launch, NFL Playoffs, The Masters golf tournament, and more.

Part 2 of the College Sports Summit Technology Showcase Preview series will run next Friday, May 16. If your company would like to be featured, please send your submission to Associate Editor Karen Hogan at [email protected] no later than Thursday, May 15.

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