College Sports Summit Technology Showcase Preview, Part 2

At SVG’s College Sports Summit, more than 35 sponsoring companies will be on hand to showcase their latest technologies geared toward the college market. Check out these companies, and many more, at the Hyatt Hotel in Atlanta on May 28 and 29.

AJA Video Systems
AJA will be showing a number of exciting new products alongside college sport’s perennial favorite, Ki Pro Rack, for ProRes and Avid DNxHD recording, playback and more.

Learn about the new exciting FS1-X with FRC – advanced frame synchronizer and converter with 64-channel coax and fiber MADI audio and motion adaptive linear Frame Rate Converter for HD and 2K workflows. Designed to handle all  frame rate and raster conversions as well as the high demands of multiple audio channel support, FS1-X is the solution for the long runs and format needs that rule college sports broadcasting today.

For HDMI workflows, learn more about the new Hi5-Plus Mini-Converter’s 3G-SDI to HDMI capabilities for a full range of monitoring and recording solutions in the edit suite, on set or at live events, and the new HA5-Plus Mini-Converter’s HDMI to 3G-SDI capabilities for it’s capability to integrate DSLR progressive standard definition signals at 525p and 625p into SDI workflows.

Since 1993, AJA has been a leading manufacturer of video interface and conversion solutions, bringing high-quality, cost-effective digital video products to the professional, broadcast and postproduction markets. AJA products are designed and manufactured in Grass Valley, California, and sold through an extensive sales channel of resellers and systems integrators around the world.

With 22 years of serving top broadcasters in high-end studio production automation, media asset management, video cart-machine based mass-ingest, and master-control playout, Aveco has a reputation for consistent innovation and uncompromising 24/7 on-air performance.  All are strategic resources for sports TV networks.

Recent innovations include REDWOOD Studio, the first news and sports production studio in a box. It includes 4 channels of HD video server playback, a production switcher with 8 DVE’s, 4 channels of audio playback, an audio mixer, an advanced character generator/still store, a range of control consoles, interface with ENPS-iNews and other newsroom systems. It also operates stand-alone. There are vast expansion options.

Aveco has played a major role in production automation with the Astra2 platform, which controls high-end production switchers (Sony 8000, Snell Kahuna, GVG, Ross etc.), a range of robotics systems (Vinten/Radamac, Cambotics, Sony, etc.), a wide range of graphics platforms (vizrt, Chyron, Vertigo etc.), all the industry’s main video servers – and a vast range of ancillary gear. Aveco has the industry’s largest library of device drivers/implemented API’s.

Aveco is unique in having both production automation and master control automation. It’s well suited for a wide range of sports and news projects.

Canon U.S.A., a leader in digital imaging solutions, will exhibit several products of special interest to producers of sports programming. These products include:

  • The XF205 Professional HD Camcorder, featuring: a built-in wide-angle 20x Canon optical zoom lens for a 26.8–576 mm (35mm equivalent) zoom range; Canon Five-Axis Dynamic SuperRange Optical Image Stabilization; three memory card slots; and support of both the MXF and MP4 recording formats. It also features both an Ethernet LAN terminal and dual-band WiFi for browser preview during shoots and FTP transfers.
  • The HJ18ex7.6B portable HD zoom lens; designed for ENG/EFP cameras with 2/3-inch imagers, that delivers a focal length range of 7.6mm to 137mm (15.2mm to 274mm with its built-in 2X extender) and a Minimum Object Distance (MOD) of 0.56m (10mm with Macro). A newly designed hand grip/Digital Drive Unit provides greater operator comfort, improved operability, and precision integration with virtual studios.
  • The Canon Cinema EOS line of cameras and lenses; Cinema EOS cameras are available in EF lens-mount versions, enabling them to be used with the more than 70 EF-Series lenses. The Canon EOS C500 4K camera (outfitted with Canon 4K zoom lenses) has been systemized for major sports coverage because it can capture highly detailed wide-angle 4K shots that can be digitally zoomed into and integrated into HDTV sports telecasts.

Beyond these highlighted products, Canon will also showcase its full line of professional, high-definition imaging equipment for motion picture, television production, video content creation, and still photography.

Click Effects
Click Effects will be exhibiting the proven capabilities of its video and audio content control and delivery systems for live event production, particularly the CrossFire and the Blaze systems.  These systems are setting new benchmarks for delivery, management, and control of content for not only stadiums and arenas but remote broadcast applications.

Using a simple point and click, Click Effects systems deliver scheduled and live impulse video clips, audio tracks, graphics, animations, and sponsor ads that not only entertain audiences but provide a powerful source of revenue generating opportunities.

Cobalt Digital
Cobalt Digital continues to develop solutions geared for sports applications. The manufacturer will highlight its new and award-winning 9970-QS Quad-Split Video Processor that answers a vital need for a multi-featured 3G/HD/SD-SDI Quad Split Video Processor (Multi-viewer) for openGear frames, especially in sports trucks and control rooms.  The card provides 4 SDI inputs (3G/HD/SD), all with frame sync and independent ARC capability. Multiple UMD per PiP, user, router source (Utah Scientific integration), and time code are standard. Other capabilities include highlighted borders, Ethernet, GPI, and serial input for tally, full screen mode, audio bar overlay, HDMI/SDI output, and more.

Cobalt will also showcase the newly launched BBG-1040-ACO dual input modular Framesync with Auto-Changeover and Character Burn. The BBG-1040-ACO, designed to accommodate a major sports organization in the event of signal loss, provides a high-density standalone modular unit that offers multi-input support, flexibility and ease of use and integration. Multiple SDI input ports allow manual selection of input or failover to alternate inputs (Auto-Changeover) on loss of input conditions as well as user-configurable subjective criteria such as black/frozen frame or audio silence.

Also on display will be the BBG-1002-UDX Up/Down/Cross Converter. Up to three of each of these new BBG units can be installed on a 1RU rack frame.

Evertz will be showcasing DreamCatcher, its robust, modern, and integrated replay system. As pioneers in 4K replay, Evertz’ DreamCatcher continues to grow its presence in the market covering a wide range of sporting events including football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, and boxing.

DreamCatcher is a slow motion, instant replay system that allows the advanced capture and fast turn‐around playback of live video. DreamCatcher is highly scalable, leveraging state of the art 10Gb/s Ethernet networking to seamlessly move and share content within any system in the network.

DreamCatcher features an integrated multiviewer for enhanced replay, a customizable intuitive user interface, low‐res proxy generation, configurable I/O, dual 10GigE ports, dual USB 3.0 ports, support for multi operator control, and the Mosaic feature, which enables simultaneous viewing of multiple camera angles. With the ability to support 4K video (as well as SD, HD, and 3G), DreamCatcher allows the operator to “zoom” into the 4K Ultra HD raster providing a totally unique replay experience. Integration with router control systems and media asset systems simplifies operations and keeps all control within a single surface.

EVS will show XTnano, which provides legacy power at a lower price. Live broadcasting at all sports levels is evolving, the stakes are high and there’s no room for error — which is what can happen with amateur slow motion replay systems.  With the newly priced XTnano from EVS, you can invest in the same innovation, premium performance, and reliability the pros use, and still stay within your budget.

XTnano is the HD/SD slow motion replay server designed for live sports productions requiring simple workflows.  With its unique loop recording architecture, XTnano features a flexible multi-codec configuration with four or six channels and is optimized for multiple applications, such as ingest of audio/video (A/V) files, live feed recording, live slow motion and super motion, fast clipping and playlist playout control, and third-party media sharing.  With XTnano, you get a grand slam of live slow motion replay and highlights editing functions with unmatched speed-to-air and reliability you won’t find in any other solution.

XFile3 is designed take care of the day-to-day file transfer and archive needs of an EVS live production workflow. From a single, connected workstation, XFile3 quickly and efficiently finds and restores archived content – transcoding it if necessary – and automatically backs it up to disk throughout the production. Operators can monitor and manage all file transfers from one easy interface, giving them complete control and visibility of the content across its lifecycle.

LiveU Sports helps conferences and colleges around the country to transmit compelling new live video content including live games, auxiliary content, and faster posting of clips. LiveU offers cellular bonding devices, or in other words: a satellite truck in a backpack; as well as end-to-end production and distribution workflows, directly to your existing streaming partners. Over 100 live collegiate games have been delivered directly to schools’ streaming partners during the 2013-2014 season.

LiveU is highlighting its new flagship product, the LU500, which made successful debuts during March Madness, Super Bowl XLVIII, the Sochi Olympics, and more. The LU500 is a powerful cellular bonding device, yet in a surprisingly small, lightweight, and versatile form factor. Other stars of the growing product portfolio include the Xtender antenna for reliable cellular signal in busy stadiums; new fast-loading Linux-based system for transmission backpacks; and smartphone and laptop apps.

MultiDyne will showcase a broad range of innovative, fiber-optic-based video and audio transport solutions designed specifically for pro A/V and broadcast applications. A key highlight at the booth will be MultiDyne’s The Dingo, a new kind of fiber transport products, which bring unprecedented flexibility to camera operators through interoperability, a rich feature set, and advanced design, perfect any and all fiber transport applications.

The Dingo is a new fiber transport card set  from MultiDyne. It features a flexible, elegant design and supports a wide range of camera signals — 3G HD-SDI, composite video, analog, or digital audio with cross conversion, intercom, serial data, and Gigabit Ethernet — over a single fiber-optic cable. The Dingo is available in three interoperable formats and brings unprecedented flexibility to all aspects of fiber transport.

The Dingo is available as an openGear compatible card that offers SNMP management and power redundancy in a single hot-swappable card; as a portable, black box that makes a great addition to the MultiDyne’s LightBrix line; or as a smaller personality card for The BullDog, LiGHTBoX, and LiGHTCuBE product lines. All three formats are interoperable, enabling seamless communication between openGear cards and other fiber transport equipment in the field.

The Dingo supports a variety of applications, including broadcast, A/V, sports, OB, ENG, POV, and multicamera shoots, making it the ideal solution for professional camera operators, as well as field and facility infrastructure.

Orad is a leading provider of real-time 3D broadcast graphic, video server, and media asset management solutions including news, channel branding, sports production and enhancement, elections and special events, virtual studios, and virtual advertisement. Orad’s compelling solutions streamline production workflow, enhance viewer experience, and improve production value.

Orad will be presenting a complete tool kit to address the different aspects of sports productions, including sport enhancement graphics, virtual advertising, and affordable first line down tracking systems.  Orad will also be presenting PlayMaker, its next generation sports replay server. PlayMaker provides up to 8 I/O channels of high quality ingest in multiple video formats, with synchronized slow motion replay, and powerful yet simple editing tools. PlayMaker has been enhanced to include studio mode, a dedicated workflow for highlight editing of multiple playlists from various incoming feeds, and FlexFX for real-time video effects and 3D graphic transitions for sports highlights, integrated into PlayMaker’s workflow.

Through a wide variety of products and solutions, Panasonic will demonstrate the expanding momentum of 4K in college sports. The BT-4LH310 LCD production monitor with native 4K resolution is one among several products on display: the 4LH310 is a 31-inch 4096 x 2160 resolution monitor for unrivalled 4K/2K monitoring in the field, in an edit room or on set.

Other key applications for the 4LH310 include use in a video village for live viewing of 4K cameras and graphic devices, as well as of 4K or HD dailies.  In addition, the 4LH310, offering an excellent size-to-price value, enables post production facilities to accept more 4K assignments, including editing, screenings, and dailies.

Beyond 4K, the 4LH310 is ideal for 2K and HD resolutions. The IPS LCD panel provides native viewing of 4K DCI content, as well as UHD/QFHD 3840 x 2160, by means of a slight matte crop.  In both DCI 4K and UHD/QFHD, the image is displayed in its original native resolution and aspect ratio.

The 4LH310’s 4K 10-bit  panel affords a wide viewing angle, and faithful reproduction of up to 1.07 billion colors. Equipped with a production-tough metal frame chassis, the 4LH310 incorporates diverse video inputs and remote terminals to deliver superb operability in a system configuration.

Today, the sports media and mobile production markets continue to undergo rapid changes in how they handle the challenges of live venue production and distribution.

PESA’s video & audio distribution technologies prove their value in the sports market daily and are found in all of the top 20 mobile production providers. Live broadcast continues to rely on PESA’s innovative routing and control solutions that answer the demand for speed, reliability, and affordability. PESA’s Cheetah and DRS Routing Switcher Systems bring together the most reliable live production control and routing system available. The company’s new PESA XSTREAM products build upon the established broadcast reputation to deliver powerful and affordable multi-channel streaming solutions for a variety of live streaming applications.

The PESA XSTREAM C58 is a high-definition video encoder that takes in multiple analog, digital, or IP video sources and then allows six streams to be configured from the different video sources, embedded and/or external audio sources. The PESA XSTREAM C22 is a compact streaming system configurable as a two port encoder, a two port decoder, or with one port of each.

PESA XSTREAM Live (Best of show award at NAB 2014) is a streaming app for iOS and Android devices that works with the PESA XSTREAM family of hardware and software to allow users to select between different video sources to watch during a live event. It is a great enhancement to the second screen experience.

PROMISE Technology
PROMISE Technology delivers multi-user access, editing, sharing, and distribution of uncompressed 4K (and beyond) footage for rich media workflows – all in one box.

The VTrak A3800 shared SAN appliance combines a robust RAID storage subsystem, metadata appliance, and file system all integrated into a single 4U solution, providing high-availability, scale up and scale out capabilities, universal licensing, and an affordable price point for workflows of all sizes.

With the inevitable shift of sports content towards 4K, the importance of 4K-ready solutions is not only critical, but a must. The need for storage systems that are equipped to handle the advancement of creation, production, and distribution at higher bandwidths has created urgency for creative professionals and executives alike to procure high-performing, cost-effective solutions that can scale over time.

Incorporating the VTrak x30 RAID storage subsystem – the only enterprise SAN subsystem qualified by Apple – the VTrak A3800 alleviates the storage performance bottlenecks of postproduction and broadcasting workflows and supports 2-4x more uncompressed HD streams than competing solutions without dropped frames.

For 4K workflows on and off the field, the Pegasus2 Series combines blazing Thunderbolt 2 speeds with hardware RAID protection in a portable system, ensuring simultaneous ingest, edits, and uninterrupted file transfers for high-bandwidth applications.

Quantel will feature QTube, a global media workflow solution that enables content creators to interact with media from anywhere on the globe.  QTube supports a full range of production workflows, including viewing, logging, sub-clipping, and frame accurate editing.  Also on display will be Marco, Quantel’s next generation field editor.  Quantel invites attendees to come by and explore world-leading, innovative and high performance content creation systems for News, Sports and high quality post.

Snell, a Quantel Company will be displaying the Kahuna Flare Production Switcher for trucks, studios, and sports venue control rooms.  Flare’s unique FormatFusion3 offers the flexibility of SD, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p on every input and output. Cost-effective yet powerful, Flare offers configurations from 2 to 4 M/E’s; each M/E has SuperKeyers with built-in dual-tile 2D resize engines. Features include push button ease of chroma keying, 10 output clipstore, and plug and play integration with routers, SloMo, servers, and graphics. The 3D DVE option provides up to four channels with a broad library of effects and models with up to 4 M/E’s, 3D DVE and 1080p capability.

Tightrope Media Systems
Tightrope Media Systems will be demonstrating version 3.0 of their ZEPLAY slow-motion instant replay server platform. ZEPLAY 3.0 includes enhancements to the highlight editor, sequence playback, and the export of content for immediate use in editing and distribution platforms. ZEPLAY imports and exports clips in either MPEG2, DVCProHD or ProRes and a new export feature in ZEPLAY 3.0 allows production staff to export entire multi-angle sequences as well as individual clips, making it easier to share engaging content immediately.

Individual clip speeds across sequences have always been variable. In ZEPLAY 3.0, users can now specify a default rate for the entire sequence, and then modify that speed from the T-Bar as the sequence plays out.

Tightrope will also show the new ZEPLAY 4220, a 2×2 version of the ZEPLAY slo-mo instant replay server. The ZEPLAY 4220 brings the same rock-solid stability, ease of use and expansive feature set of its ZEPLAY 8441 4×4 sibling at a much lower cost of entry. It gives small-to-mid sized venues an affordable, feature-rich and reliable solution to enhance the sports fan experience. It also gives existing customers another option if they want to add more angles of replay at a lower price.

Viz Trio is a top character generator (CG) for live televised events anywhere on the globe. The system’s flexibility and the high level of built-in intelligence set it apart. Forget about the limitations of traditional CGs and work instead with an intelligent application that exceeds your expectations.

Viz One manages all your content in a central repository. Staff can produce video files for broadcast, mobile, and web in one seamless workflow, with access from their normal PC or Mac desktops. Viz One is available in several pre-configured packages that allow you to quickly get up and running. Each package targets a specific type of production and multiple packages can be bundled for a single system that handles many different types of production.

Viz Libero is the global leader for 3D virtual sports enhancements. Based on existing TV images only, Viz Libero generates the perfect perspective for analyzing interesting or controversial scenes. The vision is to provide sports fans with unlimited insights into sport games.

Social TV networking has become a major force in the way the world communicates. Hundreds of millions of people on social networks like Twitter and Facebook every day interacting with each other and sharing the world around them. Vizrt has developed tools to harness this content in ways never seen before. The Vizrt Social TV solution bridges the gap between social media outlets and TV production by offering tools for all departments in the production chain.

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