Cisco Introduces StadiumVision 4.0

Cisco announced the release of Cisco StadiumVision 4.0, a more extensible and modular version of the end-to-end, high-definition IPTV solution, enabling broader, richer content – including to 4k screens – to enhance the fan experience as the Internet of Everything (IoE) takes hold in sports and entertainment venues.

cisco_decGlobal sports and entertainment leaders Allianz Stadium and Etihad Stadium in Australia are the first to be implementing the centrally-managed solution that delivers customized and dynamic content through a Cisco Connected Stadium network.

“Cisco StadiumVision was a ground breaking solution for Cisco, and this new version builds upon that legacy while embracing principles of the Internet of Everything,” says Chris White, general manager and senior vice president, Cisco Sports & Entertainment Solutions Group. “As leading teams and customers around the world, such as Allianz and Etihad Stadiums, begin to use this solution, fans will have a visual experience like never before. The solution is a dynamic tool that will allow our customers to drive revenue, increase efficiencies, and ensure they are leading the way in this connected world.”

The latest version of Cisco StadiumVision addresses industry demands to deliver a more dynamic visual experience designed to enhance the fan experience and drive additional revenue streams for the venue through targeted advertising with customizable content. The new features are driven by the introduction of StadiumVision’s new HTML5 runtime on the SV-4K digital media player, allowing for the simultaneous display of two HD video sources and industry leading synchronization between screens. These and other new features create one of the most robust presentations in the world.

“Allianz Stadium is utilising Cisco’s Sports and Entertainment solutions because they are the best in the industry,” says Piers Thompson, general manager, Strategy & Projects, Allianz Stadium. “We know that the next generation of StadiumVision will aid us in delivering an even better fan experience at our venue, one that is unparalleled elsewhere. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the latest technology, and are excited about how this solution will allow us to create new and meaningful opportunities for our partners.”

These capabilities allow for broadcast quality experiences, with scrolling tickers and scores, while also supporting Luma-Key effects, which allow advertisements on the edges of the screen to blend with the game. In addition, screens throughout the venue are now capable of having a video background layer, dynamic text, and rotating animated logos, all of which create a more visually immersive and interactive experience. Teams have already realized significant revenue growth through the solution, and this new version will open greater business opportunities for the venue and teams through targeted advertising, sponsorship activations, promotions, branding and more.

The release of this version of the solution further advances the Cisco Connected Sports & Entertainment portfolio, which includes Connected Stadium Wi-Fi and StadiumVision Mobile, the only end-to-end offering for delivering a completely integrated live fan experience. To date, more than 275 venues in 35 countries around the world feature Cisco’s customized solutions.

Paul Sergeant, CEO, Etihad Stadium says fans will be the big winners from the connected stadium project, which is set to make Etihad Stadium the most technologically advanced and connected stadium in Australia, if not the globe. The 1600 screens powered by StadiumVision provide opportunities for Etihad Stadium’s tenant clubs across three different sporting codes to digitally ‘match day theme’ like never before.

“We believe it will be a game changer taking fan engagement and match day digital theming to new levels,” he said. “In terms of match day engagement, the partners involved in the project are limited only by their imagination. Some of our key people made a number of fact-finding missions to the US and felt that venues in Australia were losing ground. As we know communications have moved at a head-spinning rate in the past decade and sports and entertainment venues, like all sectors of community, need to keep pace. The fan and not only the younger demographic but all age groups, want to be connected and have access to additional information as they watch the action and that’s what this initiative is about – it is a fantastic moment for our venue and all partners involved in this project.”

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