WATCH: SAP Innovation Center’s Mike Kemelmakher Discusses Monetizing Live Video Streams in IBC Chat

How AI and Computer Vision could change the face of brand awareness in media

According to IBC, global sponsorship budgets in 2016 reached $60 billion, with media agencies generating more than 30,000 hours of broadcast sports-video content. With sponsorship investment critical for many brands, how can this expenditure be optimized? The founder of SAP’s Innovation Center Mike Kemelmakher took to the stage at IBC 2017 with SVG’s Ken Kerschbaumer to discuss his organization and new ways to measure brand awareness within a live video stream.

This session looks at where the industry is now and how it can accurately measure exposure of sponsored brand assets seen on TV using AI and computer vision. Watch this informative session to learn more about how big brands, media agencies, and rightsholders are using the latest video-analytics technology to analyze brand exposure in video and images and to work out the real value of sponsorship campaigns.

To watch the full conversation, visit the IBC website.