Super Bowl LII

Live From Super Bowl LII: Massive Complement of Sony 4K Cameras, Servers Headline Fletcher’s Presence

Besides NBC’s game coverage, the rental house served NFL Network needs

NBC Sports’ Super Bowl LII production yesterday used one of the largest complements of 4K cameras ever, with four Sony HDC-4800’s and three HDC-4300’s in 4K mode deployed at U.S. Bank Stadium. Fletcher played a key role in this 4K-centric production, providing not only the 4K cameras but also five Sony PWS-4500 production servers.

Fletcher mounted a Sony HDC-4800 4K robotic camera at each end zone for a definitive look on close plays along sidelines or back lines.

“This is the biggest network of Sony servers put together for a sporting event, which is really exciting,” says Fletcher Sports Program Manager Ed Andrzejewski. “The Super Bowl is always a big show for us, but I think this year is extra special because of all the 4K [elements].”

Two of the HDC-4800’s were mounted in new robotic positions: each overlooking the whole end zone to create a definitive look on close plays along the sidelines or back lines.

“It’s a different kind of definitive look that NBC had in mind, starting in preseason when they came [to U.S. Bank Stadium],” says Andrzejewski. “It’s definitely a challenging [position] way up high in the catwalk, but it gives you a great look at [whether] a receiver steps out of bounds or makes a catch at the back of the end zone.”

The other two HDC-4800 robos covered both goal lines.

In addition to the 4K cameras, Fletcher deployed six Sony P1 robos throughout the stadium for NBC’s game coverage: four hallway cams, one in the booth, and a beauty shot at the stadium’s Delta Club.

NFL Network tapped Fletcher for its robotic-camera needs, deployed a camera in an outdoor housing at the corner of Sixth and Nicollet for shots of the Super Bowl LII ice sculpture. In addition, NFL Network rolled out a robo for beauty shots at the Convention Center, which were also made available for other NFL broadcast partners.

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