NAB 2018

NAB 2018: Wave Central Launches New RF Products for 4K UHD, HDR Production

Wave Central, manufacturer of RF products is introducing new products to support 4K UHD and HDR production at NAB 2018, including the AXTX-4K transmitter; AXTX-4K+ transmitter; AX4K Transport HEVC encoder/decoder; and the AXXS-SLO system for 3X-slo-mo with Grass Valley LDX 86XS full-size and C86XS compact Slo-Motion cameras (as well as other manufacturer’s slo-mo systems).

Wave Central’s AXXS-SLO system

“Wave Central is proud to be among the first manufacturer’s to offer a distinctive product line to support not only HEVC 4K production, but true to our focus on the sports market, a wireless system that supports GVG and other manufacturer’s 3X slo-mo systems,”Anthony Sangiovanni, executive vice president, Wave Central says. “We are always striving to supply our customers and the market with the most innovative custom solutions. Our investment in HEVC 4K compression technology has allowed us to develop other unique products, besides traditional wireless systems,”

This transmitter is Wave Central’s entry-level “generic” camera back model. The transmitter is just slightly larger
than the company’s previous AXTX-2. It is available with either Gold or “V” mount battery plates.

The transmitter is the same size and form factor, but also includes embedded remote camera
control and will support remote paint control for GVG, Sony, Panasonic, Ikegami and Hitachi cameras.

AX4K Transport

Wave Central’s ANTX 4K+

This is a miniature, stand-alone HEVC encoder/decoder. It’s 1/3 rack size and DC powered,
so it can be used in portable, as well as studio-installed applications. These units allow up to 4K signals to be
compressed and transported through the same space as 3G signals. The user may also use this device
to compress and pass four different 3G signals together as four different services or to process 3X Slo-Mo for wireless applications.

This system allows users to wirelessly transmit 3X high frame rate signals and is designed to
seamlessly integrate with Grass Valley LDX 86XS full-size and C86XS compact Slo-Motion cameras, as well as
other camera manufacturer’s slo-mo cameras and playback server systems.