NAB 2018

NAB 2018: Wheatstone To Have On-Ar Personality Kaden Show Off VoxPro 7

At NAB 2018, Wheatstone will be having veteran on-air personality Kaden offer techniques for editing phone calls in a radio PPM ratings world using a VoxPro 7 recorder/editor.

Kaden is a VoxPro power user and major-market radio personality whose resume includes iHeartMedia, CBS Radio and Entercom,will be demonstrate new VoxPro 7 features and techniques for rapidly editing calls with an ear toward ratings.

“VoxPro allows me to pack more personality into every call extremely fast,” says Kaden.

VoxPro is the leading purpose-built editor and recorder for live radio and is used worldwide in studios and newsrooms for live recording and editing of call-ins, interviews, and spots. VoxPro consists of software and a USB hardware control panel, the control keys of which are mapped to specific functions in the software, allowing for recording and editing without the need for a mouse. Also included on the control panel is a scrub wheel for simple, yet precise editing of voice, sound effects and music clips on two tracks.

Among the new VoxPro 7 features is an expanded hotkey system that provides real-time access to more sound effects, spots, music beds, and interview quips on multiple computer screens. The demonstration is open to all NAB attendees.