NAB 2019

NAB 2019: Cartoni Launches New Steering P70 Pedestal

Cartoni (C9020) is launching the new lightweight Steering P70 Pedestal at NAB 2019. With smooth performance and the ability to handle camera packages up to 75 kg (165lbs), the new Steering P70 Pedestal is the most competitively priced crabbing pedestal in its class, offering the highest up-to-date technology for the money. It continues Cartoni’s legacy of delivering cutting-edge solutions for content creators.

“More and more broadcasters are looking for cost-effective ways to add value to their telecasts without compromising performance. The new Steering P70 Pedestal is a great solution, offering an incredible payload capacity and precise, smooth movement in a compact and portable design,” explains Elisabetta Cartoni, President and CEO of Cartoni.

The new Steering P70 is a single-stage steering system for studio and OB production, with a removable steering wheel for extreme portability. It features an innovative column design for outstanding stability and remarkably smooth, precise movements. The Steering P70 offers extensive “on-shot” movement capability with full crabbing for easy maneuverability.

“Our engineers upgraded the new Steering P70 Pedestal with three sets of 12.5cm (4.9 in) dual-wheels cast in a special memory polyurethane that retains its shape and allows ultra-smooth steering in studio applications,” adds Cartoni.

The Steering P70 Pedestal can also be ordered with larger 16 cm (6.2in) diameter wheels for OB production allowing for greater ground clearance. All wheels are individually lockable and equipped with a cable guard which gently moves cables away during movement.

The air-filled column works with Nitrogen or clean compressed air that can be loaded with any compressor or a simple hand pump. A safety air pressure valve prevents excess pressure.

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