NAB 2019

NAB 2019: MultiDyne's BULLET Series Adds Dante, Ethernet Option

MultiDyne Fiber Optic Solutions (Booth C5013) will introduce its new BULLET series (formerly SilverBULLET) of miniature, rugged fiber-optic link products. In addition to the 12G-capable BULLET for high-bandwidth video launched at IBC, MultiDyne will introduce Dante-enabled BULLET for digital audio — also capable of Ethernet transport.

The latest BULLET transmitters and receivers unveil a significant design transformation that accelerates deployment and streamlines systems management. These improvements include patented interlocked mounting, centralized power, and built-in OLED monitoring — all dramatic design enhancements from previous generations that improve ease of use. All BULLET products remain highly portable and economical, making them equally useful for fixed links or last-minute video and audio feeds.

“The BULLET delivers rock-solid reliability for permanent or long-term links, and brings exceptional value for temporary signal extension in studios, compounds and mobile production applications,” says Frank Jachetta, President, MultiDyne, noting that the BULLET is encased in machined aluminum for optimal durability. “Its portability, flexibility and ruggedness makes the product ideal for emergency situations, whether to repair a connection or address an unexpected transport requirement. No solution of its kind can scale as quickly and cost-efficiently to support changing signal requirements.”

Interlocked Video and Audio
Shipping soon, MultiDyne’s 12G BULLET solves the problem of high-bandwidth, single-link transport to and from any video source. At only three inches in length, the 12G BULLET connects to the back of any camera, monitor, or other video source, with the ability to add more units without additional power cabling. A camera operator with four video outputs can interlock four units together, and support a multichannel production off of a single power supply without the need for multiple wall warts.

The new BULLET for Dante and Ethernet adds another layer of efficiency to field and mobile production teams managing digital audio feeds over long-distances. The common interlocked mounting capability across both products means that users have a quickly scalable and problem-solving option for video, audio and Ethernet feeds in the field. That patented interlocked mounting innovation, along with centralized power distribution, are key differentiators from previous BULLET generations and competitive products.

“The Dante and Ethernet BULLET is an ideal problem-solver in scenarios where standard CAT5 doesn’t quite do the job for moving digital audio to a studio or truck from a distant acquisition point,” says Jachetta. “This solution provides a clean Ethernet connection to move Ethernet or Dante audio over fiber. When used with our 12G BULLET, our customers have very inexpensive Lego-like pieces to build a video and audio transport chain that fits into the palm of a hand. They operate from a single power supply once clipped together due to integrated power distribution.”

The 12G BULLET integrates cable equalization and re-clocking techniques to optimize signal integrity across all short- and long-distance transport needs, removing the presence of jitter from existing signals. Integrated OLED monitoring adds value through consistent readings of jitter rates, signal type, optimal power and more. BULLET products are also available with a special 1RU tray capable of housing up to 24 devices, and support 12G SDI rates down to 5Mbps. This makes the BULLET series ideal for virtually any broadcast and AV-related field acquisition need, from high-end sports production and pre-fibered venues to courtesy feeds, confidence monitoring, and distance learning.

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