Caringo Platform Enables Sports Clients to Stay Ahead of Storage Challenges

The Sports Video Group is pleased to welcome Caringo as a corporate sponsor. Caringo Swarm is a storage platform that was designed to help you stay ahead of the ongoing challenges associated with storing rapidly scaling video archives and meeting on-demand viewing requirements. Offered as software only or as an all-in-one appliance, Swarm includes built-in streaming, content management, search, multi-site deployment, and data protection.

With S3, NFS, SMB, Windows, and MacOS interfaces, Caringo plugs into workflows as a new tier of storage between the high-performance and cold-storage layers. Video-driven organizations can now enable private streaming, provide longtail video on demand, and centralize long-term video archive from various sources. All of this on a platform that is more accessible and easier to manage than tape and more secure and economical than the cloud.

“We were looking for a way to better serve our growing sports video customer base and started looking for a forum where we can hear first-hand about the video storage and access needs of sports teams, broadcasters, schools, and facilities,” says Caringo CEO Tony Barbagallo. “Our search led us to SVG, and we are excited to be part of such an active, forward-thinking community. We look forward to working with all members to advance the long-term retention, protection, distribution, and delivery of rapidly scaling video files and libraries.”

Caringo Swarm was recently deployed by a professional soccer team that was struggling with providing remote access to videos from various sources to ownership, management, and remote staff. Historically, this footage was either shipped, FTP’d, or emailed. This was slow, difficult to manage, and created additional copies that after viewing were difficult to find again. Video footage from practices, minor leagues, internal departments, and other non-broadcast footage is now instantly accessible and can be streamed directly from the archive storage layer provided by Caringo.

Caringo Swarm is also used as origin storage and to enable long-tail video delivery for NEP’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) in the Netherlands. This includes providing access to Fox Sports and Premier League content delivered by NEP in the region.

One of the unique benefits of Caringo’s solution is flexibility of deployment enabling organizations to start small and scale to exabytes. This is demonstrated by one of Caringo’s newest products — the Single Server Appliance (SSA). The SSA is ideal for small-to-medium-sized sports video storage and delivery needs. With 120 TBs of capacity, the SSA includes all hardware and software needed to keep video archives online, searchable and securely accessible. For larger deployments, you can simply add additional SSAs and grow as needed.

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