AJA Video Systems Unveils Latest Improvements to the FS-HDR Firmware v3.0

AJA Video Systems has released its latest version of firmware.

Now available as a free download, FS-HDR v3.0 introduces enhanced tools including two new Colorfront Engine Modes – Film Mode with ACES and LOOKs and Live Mode with new transforms; variable nit level control; updated BBC v1.3 LUTs; and single channel and four channel Dynamic LUT mode integration with Pomfort LiveGrade Pro and TVLogic WonderLook Pro, and more.

Alongside FS-HDR v3.0, Control Link Software v1.2 is now available for utilizing a Tangent Kb Panel with an FS-HDR for tactile control of the FS-HDR’s 3.0 Colorfront Engine Live parameters.