PCCW Global Collaborates With DE-CIX, DCConnect for SDI Support; Helps Mauritius Telecom Launch Mobile Solution

PCCW Global and DE-CIX have collaborated to extend the reach of DE-CIX’s cloud and data center offerings via the Console Connect SDI platform by PCCW Global. Also, the company has entered into a technology partnership with DCConnect that will enable both Console Connect and DCConnect customers to seamlessly leverage network services from either service provider, including providing DCConnect customers with on-demand access to PCCW Global’s extensive international network footprint. Lastly, PCCW Global and Mauritius Telecom have launched the island’s first mobile payment solution.

The Console Connect SDI platform offers DE-CIX customers a real-time self-provisioning, pay-as-you-go ecosystem that delivers on-demand virtual connections among 37 countries, together with instant provisioning to key cloud partners such as AWS, IBM Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud, and direct, private connectivity to an additional 120 data centers in key markets throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and North America.

DE-CIX provides premium network interconnection services and operates 18 carrier and data center-neutral Internet Exchanges in Europe, the Middle East, North America, and India.

“It has always been DE-CIX’s ambition to make interconnection as easy as possible anywhere our customers need our services on the planet,” says Ivo Ivanov, Chief Executive Officer of DE-CIX International. “This collaboration with PCCW Global is just the right step to getting interconnection even closer to the edge. We are thrilled to be the first IX globally to join the Console Connect SDI platform.”

DE-CIX customers will be able to run private, secure virtual connections across the Console Connect platform and provision, upgrade and monitor services on-demand. The collaboration will enable DE-CIX customers who are using the Console Connect SDI platform globally to instantly provision services from any data center directly into the DE- CIX platform.

“We are pleased that this collaboration will be the first IX interconnect platform to be integrated with our global SDI platform, enabling our wholesale and enterprise customers to instantly provision virtual circuits across our SDI platform to access multi DE-CIX on-ramp locations,” says Michael Glynn, Vice President of Digital Automated Innovation, PCCW Global. “It also enables DE-CIX customers to purchase on-demand services via our platform from key cloud partners around the world and extend their IX platform to over 120 on-net data centers in 37 countries. This is another step in assuring SDI platform for carriers, SD-WAN providers, IX platforms, and other SDN operators, helping them extend their reach and interconnect together via traditional Network-to-Network Interconnection using our self-provisioning portal, or integrating via API at any of our access points.”

The Console Connect SDI platform overarches the worldwide PCCW Global network – spanning over 160 countries and 3,000 cities – offering a redundant, core network with multiple diverse paths between countries.

DCConnect is a software-defined enterprise and carrier platform in China. DCConnect’s coverage includes every major data center and cloud vendor in China. The technology collaboration will enable DCConnect’s clients to interconnect with the Console Connect platform in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Los Angeles – providing access to a truly global network.

The API integration allows users to run private and secure virtual connections across both networks, as well as being able to provision, upgrade, and monitor on-demand services. Both platforms enable users to interconnect and purchase flexible services on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis – only paying for services which are available to be used with no lock-in contracts or minimum usage criteria.

“DCConnect is excited to establish a two-way integration with PCCW Global. We look forward to enabling our customers to make use of PCCW Global’s extensive and robust IP backbone and global subsea network, providing instant access, with Quality of Service, to many markets around the world. Similarly, we also look forward to serving PCCW Global customers with our own extensive network resources throughout China,” says Billy Fung, Chief Technology Officer, DCConnect.

“The interconnect collaboration with DCConnect allows our customers to access more data centers directly from our platform,” says Glynn. “We are building one of the largest SDN wholesale ecosystems worldwide for carriers, network providers, and other SDN providers, enabling them to access our extensive redundant global backbone on-demand, while extending their coverage and service offering to support their own customer needs, by interconnecting into our platform at any of our on-net data centers.”

Mauritius Telecom
Mauritius Prime Minister, Honourable Pravind Jugnauth, has launched the Indian Ocean island nation’s first national mobile payment solution in the capital city Port Louis. Based on the proven Tap & Go mobile payment service in Hong Kong, Mauritius Telecom’s my.t money is a mobile payment solution provided by PCCW Global, the international operating division of HKT, Hong Kong’s premier telecommunications provider.

Mauritius Telecom’s my.t money mobile payment solution helps to close the digital divide by facilitating both payment and non-payment transactions through a mobile application platform that offers a rich digital lifestyle experience beyond traditional payment services. Key elements of a cashless society can be integrated into the platform, including education, commerce and finance, transportation and government social welfare initiatives.

In addition, the service has the ability to address the “unbanked” portion of the population with accessible financial services and applications that run on both modern and older phones and networks.

“In terms of vision and ambition, Mauritius Telecom is not just launching another service,” says Sherry Singh, Chief Executive Officer of Mauritius Telecom. “We intend to positively disrupt the payments industry. my.t money seeks to make payment fast, simple and fun. 200,000 customers have already signed up and at launch we already have 1,000 merchants and more than 200 loyalty partners.”

The market-proven Tap & Go mobile payment service upon which my.t money is based was first launched in Hong Kong in 2015 by HKT Payment Limited, an affiliate of PCCW Global and a holder of a Stored Value Facilities license granted by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. PCCW Global’s experience and expertise in the development and launching of mobile payment services was made available to Mauritius Telecom both prior to, and during, the development of my.t money, which greatly assisted in ensuring a smooth and efficient product development process.

The solution itself is cloud-based with local hosting for sensitive customer data, while mobile apps and the payment engine can be localized or delivered internationally. The my.t money chip card is compliant with the Europay Master and Visa (EMV) security standard and the solution design follows best practice security standards.

In addition to Tap & Go mobile payment service, PCCW Global will also provide international network connectivity, system installation and integration, supply of Point of Sale (POS) equipment, and the management of native cloud applications to Mauritius Telecom. The IT environment is also specifically compliant with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

For greater resilience, reliability and remote support purposes, the my.t money service is also connected to PCCW Global’s advanced international network which spans 160 countries and has Points of Presence (PoPs) located in cities throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. The network is further complemented by 188 worldwide wholesale partners that expand network reach to even more locations.

PCCW Global has recently assisted numerous worldwide customers to implement digital transformation initiatives, including international connectivity, FinTech, smart cities, smart buildings, Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, cloud, and orchestration projects.

“When combined with a high-speed, robust and secure global network, our FinTech experience in Hong Kong places us in an ideal position to work with ICT service providers in rolling out cutting-edge mobile payment solutions anywhere in the world,” says Marc Halbfinger, Chief Executive Officer of PCCW Global. “It is exciting to think of all the new possibilities and opportunities this service can bring to a connected world.”