New SVG Sponsor Spotlight: MASV Brings File Transfer Workflows into the Modern Age

The Sports Video Group is excited to introduce MASV as a new corporate sponsor. MASV is an advanced file transfer platform designed to offer sports and media professionals the utmost flexibility and security while transferring vast amounts of content across the globe. Leveraging a global backend that is powered by AWS and optimized for speeds of up to 10GBps, MASV stands out as the fastest file transfer platform, guaranteeing sports teams and broadcasters total confidence while sending or receiving large files.

“SVG is an important organization within the sports media landscape, providing a platform for industry professionals to share knowledge, collaborate on projects, and stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and trends,” says MASV CEO Greg Wood. “We are excited to have the opportunity to learn about the latest innovations and trends in sports video technology.”

Today, MASV is relied upon by some of the leading names in media, entertainment, and sports, helping customers transfer petabytes of content effortlessly—without requiring IT support. In addition to utilizing portals, watchfolders, automations, and an open API, MASV takes advantage of over 20 MAM and cloud integrations, accelerating the transfer of critical game day content with both ease and unmatched speed.

The industry is rapidly shifting to the cloud, and using a UDP-based file transfer tool or an FTP server adds unnecessary complexity when time and reliability are critical. MASV was built for modern video workflows with over 20 MAM and Cloud integrations (AWS s3, Adobe, Iconik, FrameIO) and offers accelerated content delivery for sports broadcasters and streaming services through its AWS global powered secure cloud transfer platform.

“We’re here to make it easier and faster for sports media professionals to move enormous amounts of data,” says Wood. “Time is money and MASV is here to help speed up the delivery of all files regardless of size or location.”

MASV recently announced that customers can now send directly from their cloud storage using MASV’s ultra-fast cloud-based transfer platform, revolutionizing media delivery for sports and video professionals. MASV ‘Send from Amazon S3’ and ‘Send from Wasabi’ eliminates the need to download from cloud storage onto a local machine, to later re-upload to transfer. Combined with MASV’s unique Multiconnect bonded internet and 10Gbps optimization, sports video professionals can transfer footage into the cloud faster than ever.

MASV recently helped RugbyPass with improve its existing slow and inefficient video ingestion, which was leading to workflow delays. RugbyPass used a MASV Portal to request files from multiple contributors around resulting in ultra-fast automatic ingest to S3 cloud storage via MASV. Simultaneous uploads turned hours of work into 15 minutes.

In the fast-paced sports broadcasting industry, where speed is crucial, MASV’s fast and reliable transfers have revolutionized RugbyPass’ workflow, eliminating the anxiety of large video ingest.

MASV allow recently worked with a major sports streaming service, which was sending terabytes of 4K footage post-event over unstable internet from stadiums and arenas worldwide. The process was often cumbersome and caused significant headaches for the team. The MASV desktop app simplified uploading to S3 storage with reliable max speed for large files (up to 15TB each). The headless MASV Transfer Agent also allowed automated workflows with outstanding reliability. And MASV cloud integration accelerated transfers to and from S3 at max speed and reliability, even to recipients outside the organization.

With MASV, the streaming service is now able to enjoy lightning-fast transfer speeds worldwide. They can seamlessly upload unlimited files of up to 15TB each into their S3 bucket, leading to significant savings in both time and costs during post-production.

“Being part of the sports technology community is important to us at MASV, and we’re looking forward to supporting the community through this sponsorship,” says Wood. “We are eager to meet, discuss and learn from other SVG members about the changing needs of the sports broadcast community and share how MASV can help make the video transfer piece of the daily workflow easier and faster for all involved.”

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