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Panasonic To Extend Product Portfolio Towards Business in 2021

Panasonic Visual Systems Solutions will expand its product offering in 2021 with a wider range of collaboration solutions to address the changing needs of European businesses. The increased focus on wireless presentation and communication solutions, alongside its established touchscreen displays and projectors, will enable businesses to more easily share, collaborate and present information.

In addition, Panasonic will be able to provide a complete range of technology solutions, as a single integrated provider, to fulfill any requirement.

“Social and business trends are converging to change the way we work,” explained Hartmut Kulessa, European Marketing Manager at Panasonic Business. “The arrival of the Generation Z workforce has raised expectations for intuitive technology and bring your own device (BYOD) policies have created the need for fast, open, and wireless connectivity. There is a move away from formal presentations to more collaborative workspaces and organizations now need a range of integrated, wireless collaboration and presentation solutions that work out of the box in any environment. Panasonic is that provider.”

For BYOD workplaces, Panasonic has a range of wireless, plug & play technology to enable employees to turn up and work, whatever their device. For example, Panasonic’s recently launched PressIT Wireless Presentation System is a convenient and affordable solution allowing up to four people to simultaneously share content at the touch of a button. For organizations requiring a high-end, integrated presentation solution then WolfVision’s Cynap Pure wireless presentation system can be fully integrated into Panasonic’s SQ1 displays using its Intel SDM slot for a completely cable, dongle and set-top box free experience. Panasonic’s wireless projectors also minimize the need for cables and its wireless dongle solution can be retrofitted to many projector models for adaptation to the changing workplace.

For creative collaboration and learning, Panasonic has a range of infrared touchscreen displays and InGlass touchscreen displays for the most precise annotation capabilities. These are available alongside its comprehensive interactive whiteboard displays and interactive projectors to ensure there is a solution for every type of collaborative environment.

To enable remote workers to communicate with colleagues, Panasonic offers an HD Visual Communications system for remote video conferencing and displays with Built-in CISCO Webex optimization for ease of use and enhanced sound and picture quality in meetings rooms.

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