IBC 2017

IBC 2017: Italy's Cinevideo adds two Calrec Artemis Light consoles to 4K OB vehicle

Cinevideo, one of Italy’s foremost broadcast service providers and rental houses, has installed two Calrec Artemis Light consoles on Dolphin 7.0, its all-new, flagship 4K OB vehicle. Supplied by Calrec distributor and systems integrator Broadcast Solutions, the two consoles are connected via Hydra2 to provide maximum flexibility, redundancy, and modularity for live productions.

“We had several key requirements for the audio-mixing component of Dolphin 7.0. We needed to optimise space as much as possible, so naturally the size of the desk was critical,” says Roberto Buonomo, technical manager, Cinevideo. “Also, we wanted the highest possible I/O density with built-in redundancy to handle high-pressure live production workflows.

“Calrec and Broadcast Solutions understood our needs perfectly and proposed an outstanding solution with the dual Artemis Lights. Not only do these desks offer a lot of control in a smaller footprint, but their modular I/O boxes can be easily swapped out during a production. Since Calrec is the ‘go-to’ choice for most OB truck companies and is already standard equipment on a huge percentage of OB trucks throughout Europe and the U.S., we knew we were making the right choice.”

Dolphin 7.0 is a 24-camera, fully 4K-capable vehicle with the ability to support full 12G workflows. The truck’s two Artemis Lights provide Cinevideo clients with two separate fader surfaces (the 56-fader desk provides the main audio feed, with the 24-fader console supplying secondary audio) and two separate audio router cores, guaranteeing full redundancy for a single production or two simultaneous productions. The two router cores share all audio connections via Calrec’s Hydra2 network, and the two fader surfaces can be joined to create one huge console for large-scale productions.

Buonomo adds, “One great thing about the Artemis design is that the fader surface is modular; you can reconfigure panels quickly and simply with no loss of functionality. Linking the two consoles not only gives us exceptional flexibility and scalability but also provides the kind of redundancy that no other audio desk can match.”

“Cinevideo’s Dolphin 7.0 is a real showcase of cutting-edge OB technologies, and it’s aptly named — since dolphins are renowned for their advanced communication abilities over great distances,” says Florent Chaouby, international sales manager, Calrec Audio. “Dolphin 7.0 is ushering in a new era in communication and production, with an ingenious, fully featured Artemis solution from Broadcast Solutions. Calrec are honoured to be playing such a key role in this partnership.”

Cinevideo will officially launch Dolphin 7.0 on stand 0.A07 at IBC2017, where it will demonstrate the full functionality of the dual Artemis Light consoles.

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