NAB 2016

NAB 2016: Quantum's Xcellis Shared Storage System To Make NAB Debut

At NAB 2016, Quantum (SL8416) will highlight new products and solutions, including its Xcellis system and new StorNext 5.3 platform with support for Quantum’s Q-Cloud Vault long-term cloud archive service. Solutions being shown in the Quantum booth help users overcome the challenges of working with ever-higher resolutions of 4K and beyond, as well as content with higher dynamic range and wider color gamut. The featured solutions also support a growing array of applications, from animation to archive to over-the-top and on-demand video delivery.

For media companies looking to simplify their storage environments, collapse hardware into a smaller footprint and realize greater value for their investment, the Quantum booth will offer a look at convergence in action and at how Quantum is integrating workflow-optimized storage and media applications.

NAB Show Debut: Xcellis Shared Workflow Storage System
The Xcellis workflow storage system will make its NAB Show debut, and Quantum will demonstrate how the unique converged capabilities of this solution empower users to boost their efficiency, productivity and creativity in delivering the products and services that drive their businesses.

Xcellis-Free-Standing-Stack-Hi-ResXcellis consolidates media and metadata management, extends connectivity options for both Fibre Channel and Ethernet clients, and supports hosted applications in a single hardware solution that enhances productivity in collaborative media environments. Working with a growing array of technology partners and application providers, Quantum is continually extending the ways in which Xcellis can optimize end-to-end workflows.

Based on the StorNext 5 platform, Xcellis facilitates flexible configuration of performance and capacity. The solution supports online work in process, ingest and delivery, and archive through Quantum’s portfolio of Lattus object storage, LTO tape and Q-Cloud services. In addition to the platform’s performance and reliability, Xcellis enables continuous scalability that not only reduces the cost and complexity of storage deployment and maintenance but also enables future expansion in an intelligent, sophisticated manner.

Q-Cloud Vault Support in the New StorNext 5.3 Platform
Quantum will showcase its new Q-Cloud Vault long-term cloud storage service at the 2016 NAB Show. Fully integrated within workflows powered by StorNext 5.3, Q-Cloud Vault provides low-cost, Quantum-managed “cold storage” in the public cloud. Because StorNext 5.3 enables end-to-end encryption, users can leverage the cloud as a part of their storage infrastructure to facilitate secure, cost-effective storage of their media content, both on-site and off-site.

Workflow Storage with StorNext 5.3, Xcellis and Q-Cloud Vault

Workflow Storage with StorNext 5.3, Xcellis and Q-Cloud Vault

In addition to supporting Q-Cloud Vault, StorNext 5.3 gives users greater control and flexibility in optimizing their collaborative media workflows for maximum efficiency and productivity. It features new capabilities such as concurrent copying of media files to different locations and different types of storage, Apple Spotlight search support and expanded Web services that enable greater partner integration.

StorNext Pro Solutions
StorNext Pro Solutions enable users to manage assets from ingest to delivery to archive at any scale, and adapt as their workflow evolves.

StorNext Pro Foundation (96 TB)

StorNext Pro Foundation (96 TB)

They combine the Xcellis Workflow Director with the Quantum QXS RAID storage in an integrated solution that is cost-effective and easy-to-deploy. Each solution is tailored to specific workflow needs and completely scalable from the smallest workgroup to the largest facility. During the 2016 NAB Show, Quantum will show how StorNext Pro Solutions bring higher performance and cost-effective efficiency to workflows so that users can ingest more content from multiple camera sources, create more content and deliver it on time while preserving owned content for future monetization.

Quantum Demo: Workflow-Optimized Shared Storage for Animation and VFX
During the 2016 NAB Show, Quantum will demonstrate a workflow-optimized shared storage solution engineered to meet the demanding requirements of animation and visual effects (VFX) workflows. Addressing the need for a streamlined workflow and high-performance access to media, the Quantum storage solution takes advantage of flash technology to deliver the faster performance needed for frame-based animation workloads. Experts at the Quantum booth will show attendees how this model offers a flexible approach to establishing shared access to content across edit and render operations, in turn improving productivity and accelerating production schedules.

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