NAB 2023

NAB 2023: Sony Electronics Unveils New Accessories and Advancements for its Airpeak S1 Drone

Sony Electronics Inc has announced upgrades for its Airpeak S1 drone, aimed at enhancing the precision, performance, and reliability of the drone for a wide range of applications.

The upgrades include an RTK Kit, a new advanced and lightweight gimbal, and an enhanced battery, providing industrial users with the tools necessary to capture high-quality aerial footage and data.

The Real Time Kinematic (RTK) Kit further enhances the capabilities of drones for industrial applications. With the RTK system, the Airpeak S1 can achieve highly precise positioning and navigation without lag, enabling it to maintain a stable flight path and gather precise data to geotag images for inspections and other applications.

The RTK system uses a base station that receives satellite signals from the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and an Airpeak mounted receiver that uses these signals to determine its position, making for stable flight even in environments with strong magnetic field interference. By comparing the signals from multiple GNSS satellites, the system can calculate Airpeak’s precise location, velocity, and orientation, providing centimeter-level accuracy in positioning and reproducible flight. This allows the S1 to maintain a stable flight path and gather precise data for inspections and other applications. Alternatively to the use of the base station, the RTK system can be connected to the internet and make use of a GNSS correction data service to achieve centimeter-level accuracy supporting various work environments.

Looking ahead, the networking port currently available with the RTK Kit could open additional use cases, further enhancing the value of drones for a variety of industries. The geotagging feature has the ability to sync image and mapping data which is key for any user. Overall, the RTK Kit for Sony’s Airpeak S1 is an exciting development that promises to take the capabilities of drones for industrial applications to new heights.

The Gremsy Gimbal, PX1 for Airpeak, is a state-of-the-art, lightweight gimbal that has been designed specifically to be used with Sony’s Airpeak drone and provides an extensive range of advanced features to capture high-quality aerial footage and data. The PX1 is particularly useful for industries that require superior image quality and accuracy, such as those involved in inspecting¬†wind¬†turbines or surveying urban developments. The PX1 can achieve all of this while being over 40% lighter than the Gremsy Gimbal T3 for Airpeak saving valuable weight to improve flight time.

The PX1 supports various lenses such as the Zeiss 35mm F2.8, the 24mm F2.8G, 40mm F2.5 G, or the 50 F2.5 G. When combined with the RTK Kit, via Hot Shoe Cable, it can even more precisely record positioning and log orientation to capture vital data. The powerful motors and advanced control algorithms allow the S1 to handle its payload more effectively, even in challenging conditions.

The PX1 also pairs with Airpeak and the Flight app via the remote controller, ¬†allowing users to control the gimbal’s movements and adjust camera settings with precise tuning. Settings can be changed and adjusted according to the situation without touching the camera, enabling streamlined operation during capturing. In addition, it supports touch-operated focus area setting and selection of focus position. The focus position can be flexibly changed on the mobile app, enabling more accurate capturing.

It’s easy to use with only two mounting points and the ability to swap out cards and batteries without having to remove the camera from the gimbal. The PX1 is an essential tool for businesses that demand high-quality footage, data, and reliable performance.

Sony’s new LBP-HM1 Battery is specifically designed to provide longer flight times. Combined with the previously announced LBP-H1 Battery Station, increased efficiency for the Airpeak S1 drone is realized. In the case of industrial applications such as inspections and surveying, where longer flights and less downtime to cover more ground and perform more tasks are required, these two products provide increased productivity.

The LBP-HM1 battery has a higher capacity than the previous generation, which allows for longer flight times and less need for battery changes, minimizing the risk of accidents and need for battery swaps. The Airpeak S1 can now fly for up to 30 minutes without a payload and when combined with the new RTK Kit, PX1 gimbal, an A7RIV, and the Zeiss 35mm F2.8, users can expect flight times up to 20 minutes. A configuration with the T3 gimbal for Airpeak, A7S III and a 24mm F1.4 G-Master lens can realize up to 17 minutes.

The LBP-HM1 battery is tailored to deliver superior performance and seamless integration with the advanced capabilities of the Airpeak S1. With its intelligent battery management system, users can access real-time information about the battery’s status through the Airpeak Flight App, enabling them to optimize its performance. Additionally, the battery boasts four LEDs that provide clear feedback on its charge level and charging progress, enhancing its ease of use and accessibility. In sum, the Airpeak S1 and LBP-HM1 battery are poised to offer a significant boost to efficiency, productivity and overall functionality.

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