RSN Summit 2016



Opening Night Reception


Think Globally, Act Locally: RSNs Come Together
SVG has a number of national initiatives, in particular education and the Sports Broadcasting Fund, that could benefit from more exposure on the local level. Learn how you can get involved and make a difference today.
Andrea Berry
, Industry Consultant
Jerry Steinberg
, Industry Consultant

Opening Keynote Conversation: Fox Sports Regional Networks President Jeff Krolik
Moderator: Ken Kerschbaumer
, SVG, Executive Director, Editorial

The Regional Sports Network Business: EP and GM Perspectives
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What are some of the keys to finding success on a regional level? How much of it is based on the performance of the local professional franchise and how are things like the potential for chord cutting going to impact carriage fees and viewership? Executive Producers and General Managers discuss the state of the business, challenges ahead, and how to take advantage of new opportunities.
Moderator: Jason Dachman, SVG, Chief Editor
Phil Bedella, Comcast SportsNet Chicago, VP/GM
Michael Connelly, Fox Sports, Fox Sports Networks, SVP/EP
Joseph Maar, NESN, VP of Programming & Production/Executive Producer
Ken Miller, KSE/Altitude Sports & Entertainment, SVP Production & Programming
‎Mark Shuken, TWC Regional Sports Networks, SVP/General Manager

Technology Showcase Preview

Big Time Look on a Budget: Making the Most of Your Resources
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Professional sports teams can justify larger production budgets but the flip side are the ton of smaller events, like amateur, high school, college, or minor league games, that require a network to stretch the dollar as far as it can go. How are regional networks getting the most out of their production budgets on these shows and what new technologies are they leveraging?
Moderator: Joseph Maar, NESN, VP of Programming & Production/Executive Producer
Jason Bernstein, Hawk-Eye North America (A Sony Company), Managing Director
Robert Carzoli, Program Productions, President/CEO
Jim Corno, Jr., Comcast SportsNet Chicago, Executive Producer, Events
Gerard Hall, SMT, Founder/President/CEO
Larry Meyers, ‎TWC Sports, VP, Content and Executive Producer

Case Study: Covering Live High School Sports for an RSN – A Cost/Benefit Analysis of IP Delivery
Comrex LiveShot has provided Time Warner Cable Sports Regional Networks with a substantial cost savings when compared a traditional remote deployment using a satellite truck. Find out how the quick and easy set-up and the ability to adjust the bit rate have made the LiveShot a useful tool for the remote transmission of high quality video broadcasts of local High School games in the Los Angeles Area.
Speaker: Tony Sonnanstine, TWC Sports, Senior Engineer for Studio/Production Systems

Afternoon Keynote Conversation: NBC Sports Regional Networks President David Preschlack
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Moderator: Ken Kerschbaumer,
SVG, Executive Director, Editorial

The Future of RSN Remote Production: At Home and on the Road
The technology and footprint of the regional sports network mobile unit has changed dramatically over the past decade. While many RSNs have opted for a dual feed model, others have elected to utilize a dedicated truck for their live game productions. Throw in the increased use of cloud-based and at-home-production workflows, as well as the technical challenges presented by the potential rise of 4K and IP technology, and it’s harder than ever for an RSN to make smart remote-production decisions. Top RSN execs and mobile-unit providers discuss how to weather this ever-changing storm.
Moderator: Jason Dachman, SVG, Chief Editor
Kryst Budziak, Dome Productions, Director of Production Services
Phillip Garvin, Mobile TV Group, GM and Founder
Steve Grigely, Fox Sports Networks, VP Technical Operations
Matt Scalici, PSSI, GM
Jon Slobotkin, NBC Sports Regional Networks, VP/Executive Producer – Live Events

Before and After: Perfecting Pre- and Post-Game Coverage
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Studio operations make up a large part of a regional network’s broadcast day, especially when it comes to pre- and post-game coverage. How are different networks approaching pre-game and post-game coverage? Is there a major advantage to being on site at the event or can most of it be handled from a remote studio? Experts in studio operations discuss the art and science of pre- and post-game coverage.
Moderator: Karen Hogan, SVG, Senior Editor
J. David Hoffman, Brainstorm, Sales Engineering Manager
Doug Johnson, Root Sports/AT&T Sports Networks, VP/Executive Producer
Tom Stathakes, NBC Sports Regional Networks, SVP Production and Programming
Howard Zalkowitz, NESN, Director of Production/Senior Coordinating Producer

Caught in the Web: Creating a Compelling Online Presence
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Die-hard fans have an insatiable appetite for online information and video covering their local teams and RSNs are in a unique position to provide just that. Meanwhile the keys to authenticated in-market streaming of MLB, NBA, and NHL games have allowed more and more RSNs to connect with local fans on a whole new level. Digital leaders from RSNs and service providers discuss how to develop a compelling social media presence, create better live and on-demand video content, and build a tighter relationship with local sports fans.
Moderator: Brandon Costa, SVG, Senior Editor
Jen Franklin, NBC Sports Regional Networks, ‎VP Digital
Jeffrey Gilbert, Verizon Digital Media Services, Client Executive, Media and Entertainment
T.K. Gore, CSN Chicago, Sr. Director, Digital
Michael Spirito, FOX Sports Regional Networks, VP, Business Development and Digital Media