Belgian’s Alfacam adds three Sony SuperMotion systems

By Kevin Hilton
SVG Europe correspondent

Belgian outside broadcast company Alfacam has taken delivery of four Sony SuperMotion HDC-3300 high definition slow-motion cameras as part of a general programme of expansion and investment. Sony says the camera is the first HD device to produce images that are up to three times slower than normal speed and is regarded as ideal for demanding sports events such as Formula 1, athletics, power boating and motor racing.

Alfacam already has 16 Grass Valley LDK6200 HD slo-mo cameras, which have been used for a number of major sporting events, including the 2004 Athens Olympics, the Euro 2004 European Football Championship and the 2006 World Cup. Gabriel Fehervari, CEO of Alfacam, commented that these double phase-based devices would continue to be part of the company’s equipment stock as they are better for some applications than the three-phase technology used by the Sonys.

“I am pleased with the images that the HDC-3300 is able to produce,” said Fehervari. “By ordering the newest Sony slo-mo cameras we want to make it clear that Alfacam is committed to our present and future customers and will continue to provide them with the best possible service. As 2008 will be a very important year for our company with regards to the recording of major sports events, we have initiated a new investment programme that includes a new generation of HD cameras, OB vehicles and long-distance wireless HDTV transmission technology.”