Arena Scores with Nortel Innovations
Arena, home of the Phoenix Coyotes, is using a network business solution from
Nortel to help Arena transform into a cutting-edge entertainment
facility for fans and employees. The Nortel solution provides voice, data,
wireless and multimedia communications infrastructure and services that are
helping Arena in its efforts to increase worker productivity,
provide new revenue streams and easily allow the addition of advanced,
interactive technologies.

As the Arena’s primary vendor, Nortel, through a channel partner, has
provided Arena (the “Arena”) with products that are
helping in its efforts to streamline its business and provide the foundational
base necessary for future upgrades. For example, Arena guests can use the
multimedia screen on the IP desk phones in the box suites to view upcoming
information on events or games. With future upgrades, guests will be able to
purchase tickets, merchandise, food and beverages directly from the phones for
delivery to the suite – providing the ultimate service experience for customers
and streamlining the ordering process for the Arena staff.

Nortel’s technology, the Arena has also been able to reduce the number of fax
machines while integrating fax, voicemail and email into a single, consolidated
inbox which the Arena expects will increase staff productivity by 30 percent.
Arena staff, vendors and guests can now access wireless communications from any
location in the Arena with a reliable, high-speed network that eliminates
bottlenecks and systems crashes. Additionally, Power over Ethernet supports
power to the wireless access points and IP phones, simplifying the deployment
of these products across the network.

number one thing we were looking for was a technology provider offering
superior customer service while working shoulder-to-shoulder with us to set a
strategic direction that fit our needs today and into the future,” said
Christine Stoffel, vice president of IT and Strategic Operations for the
Phoenix Coyotes, Arizona Sting and Arena. “Technology experts
were always available and onsite when we needed them and the company’s wireless
architecture has provided one and a half times more functionality at a lower
cost than competing products. With the solid communications foundation we have
put in place with Nortel, we have the ability to add innovative new services
helping ensure our building is booked with a maximum number of events.”

Nortel solution provides the Arena with a complete unified
communications offering that simplifies its business and provides immediate
value and cost savings,” said Wes Durow, vice president, Enterprise
Marketing, Nortel. “Our communications infrastructure lays the foundation
the Arena needs to easily add more advanced technologies in the
future ensuring that it remains efficient, profitable and alluring to

The Arena is equipped with Nortel’s CallPilot unified messaging platform
as well as Nortel’s Communication Server 1000 VoIP system. The Arena’s
conference rooms and luxury box have Nortel’s IP Phone 2007 and 1140E desksets
using Nortel’s Application Gateway 1000. Additionally, the Arena now uses
Nortel Wireless LAN 2300 and Nortel’s Ethernet Routing Switch (ERS) 8600 and 5520.

simplifies the process for customers like the Arena to create an
intelligent environment filled with interactive applications and services that
drive new revenue o