Quantel delivers 3D Post via Pablo

By Andrew Lippe

The NBA has brought stereoscopic 3D to mainstream audiences and now Quantel is looking to make it easier for post-production of stereoscopic 3D.

Last week the company unveiled Pablo, a system designed to ease post-production in 3D, in New York City. “Post production of 3D has been a struggle for many years because you would have to go into a 2D post production process,” says Norman Rouse, group marketing manager at Quantel.

However with the tools installed on the Pablo, post production in 3D is possible for the first time. The Pablo system feeds two simultaneous streams in SD or HD to one projector with the editor wearing 3D glasses to edit on the 3D screen.

Pablo solves many practical problems of working in 3D, like making better camera cuts. During the demonstration Danny Peters, director of creative services for Quantel, says maintaining the 3D experience over cuts can be a challenge. “In 2D Post production we make cuts all the time,” says Peters. “But being able to make a transition better in 3D post is something you are seeing for the first time.”

The Pablo can also fix errors like having cameras out of phase. By looking at left and right eye separately shots can be put back in sync. The Pablo also tackles technical headaches such as camera assistants forgetting to put a filter on the camera, to lens flares.

Pablo’s 3D tools can also change convergence points, to improve sharpness. Pablo also has 3D rendering tools such as color correcting, color grading. And all of those features are magnified in importance by the sheer scale of the 3D viewing experience that, today, is on the large screen of cinemas. “The scale at which you view 3D makes [proper post] very important,” says Peters. Quantel says the complete system costs approximately $500,000 and is available now.

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