APM Music Adds New Soundtrack to OTT Platforms of Professional Bull Riders

APM Sports, a division of APM Music, has joined forces with PBR (Professional Bull Riders) to expand the sport’s content and story-telling efforts with APM Music’s catalog.

APM Music will be PBR’s exclusive music partner for all OTT, marketing and digital content, including the league’s new western sports digital network, RidePass.

PBR, which begins its new 2019 season January 4-6 at Madison Square Garden in New York City, continues to grow in attendance and fan base size. PBR set more than 20 local event attendance records in the U.S. in 2018, and the league’s social networks are ranked among the fastest-growing and highest in fan engagement in major sports. On CBS, PBR is continuing to average more than 1 million viewers per broadcast and, in social media, “America’s Original Extreme Sport” is now number one in growth on Instagram and number one in engagement on Twitter, according to CrowdTangle.

“PBR has been called ‘an extreme sport wrapped within a blaring rock show’; music is important to the fan experience, maybe more so than in any other sport,” says Sean Gleason, CEO, PBR. “APM Music, the gold standard in sports music licensing, has just what we need to help PBR continue to build emotional connections with our athletes, promote our events, and bring alive the thrills of our sport.”

APM Music provides music licensing for over 650,000 tracks in every style and genre. As a mainstay in sports culture with songs like the Monday Night Football theme and catalogs like the NFL Films Music Library and MLB Music Library, APM is the go-to resource for sports content.

“We’re so excited to partner-up with PBR! We’ve been following the sport’s meteoric rise over the past several years and we’re thrilled to join the ride as they continue to grow their audience and content,” says Matthew Gutknecht, APM Music Senior Account Director – Sports Entertainment. “PBR is such a unique entity in the marketplace. We’ve always worked with traditional ‘stick & ball’ sports organizations, but this new partnership moves us in a very new direction and I can’t wait to experience it in NYC as they buck off their 2019 season. With a very contemporary content play and events all over the country, our catalog is primed for PBR use.”