Live Media Group’s Fleet of Mobile Units Allows for Successful Production, Transmission of Live Events in HD/UHD/4K

The Sports Video Group is delighted to have Live Media Group as a new mobile/integrator sponsor. The company has provided turn-key, HD live production and broadcast services since its founding in 2004. Initially focusing on entertainment clients, the company expanded to include music and sports and has produced thousands of events from Hollywood red carpet premieres to massive music festivals to major sporting events.

“The world of live streaming is constantly evolving,” says Brad Sexton, CEO and founder, Live Mobile Group. “The demands of consumers for better quality and more immersive experiences continues to increase. We want to be at the forefront of this evolution and to be the drivers of what our industry looks like in five years, ten years, and beyond.”

In 2015, the company founded Live Mobile Group, a mobile truck unit fleet consisting of HD production, hybrid, and uplink units. One year later, Live Media Group Holdings oversees all operations of each division – Live Media Group, Live Mobile Group, and nowlive (a proprietary HD video player app).

With the recent 2019 acquisitions of TNDV Television and Harb Production Services, Live Mobile Group now offers the largest fleet of mid-sized mobile units in the country, providing unprecedented, state-of-the-art HD/UHD/4K live event production and broadcast services nationwide.

“SVG has their fingers firmly on the pulse of our industry,” says Sexton. “As a sponsor, we join the ranks of the best in our industry to advance the technology, increase offerings, and bring higher quality productions to our clients and their audiences.”