Wireless-Microphone Manufacturers Extend 600 MHz Rebate Program

Audio-Technica, Shure, and Sennheiser are the latest to offer discounts

Wireless-microphone manufacturers are reprising the discounts they offered a year ago after the reallocation of the 600 MHz range of the RF spectrum was auctioned off. This new round of discounts comes ahead of a milestone in that process: the official cutoff date for any wireless system operating in that area of spectrum is July 13, including any device capable of tuning into that spectrum even if not being used.

Audio-Technica announced in February that it had extended its existing trade-in program for 600 MHz wireless systems through July 13. This initiative was designed to provide options for end users as the industry moves away from wireless systems operating in the 600 MHz band (614-698 MHz), mandated by law as a result of the ongoing FCC wireless-spectrum reallocation. The program is designed to help wireless users switch to a new system that accommodates the new guidelines outlined by the FCC.

Says Gary Boss, marketing director, professional markets, Audio-Technica, “After several years of transitioning to the new standards, we are now in the final months of the use of the 600 MHz band by the public. This is truly the last chance to switch over to a new option that accommodates the new guidelines. Our rebate is intended to assist with a smooth transition for all wireless users.”

A-T wireless systems eligible for the extended rebate and the rebate amounts are as follows:

  • 2000 Series (single channel): $50 trade-in rebate
  • 3000 Series (4th Generation) (single channel) and 3000 Series Network Enabled (newly introduced; now shipping): $75 trade-in rebate
  • 5000 Series (3rd Generation) (dual-channel receiver): $500 trade-in rebate
  • System 10 Stack-Mount (single channel): $50 trade-in rebate
  • System 10 Camera-Mount (single channel): $75 trade-in rebate
  • System 10 PRO Rack-Mount (single channel): $75 trade-in rebate
  • System 10 PRO Rack-Mount (dual channel): $150 trade-in rebate

Shure Discounts
Shure also has announced its own new round of discounts. Instant savings will be available on the following digital wireless systems through April 16:

  • Axient Digital with ADX-FD transmitter: $600/channel
  • Axient Digital with ADX transmitters: $400/channel
  • Axient Digital with AD transmitters: $300/channel
  • ULX-D systems: $200 per channel
  • QLX-D systems: $100 per channel

Shure requires buyers to contact the company directly.

Sennheiser Discounts
Sennheiser also has extended its 600 MHz trade-in program through July 13 for every wireless system it offers:

  • XS Wireless | Recommended Frequency: A
  • XS Wireless Digital
  • Evolution Wireless G4 | Recommended Frequency: A1, A, G
  • AVX and SpeechLine DW | Recommended Frequency: 1.9 GHz
  • 2000 Series | Recommended Frequency: Aw
  • 3000/5000 Series | Recommended Frequency: L
  • Digital 6000 | Recommended Frequency: A1-A4

In addition, any make, model, or manufacturer can be traded in for cash back on the new purchase. Start the process here.

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