Digital Nirvana Powers Sports-Centric Captioning Through AI and the Cloud

The Sports Video Group is excited to introduce Digital Nirvana as a new corporate sponsor. The company specializes in the delivery of elevated efficiency and accelerated caption generation through AI-driven cloud-based captioning solutions.

“We are committed to technical excellence in the sports industry,” says Russell Wise, SVP, sales and marketing, Digital Nirvana. “We look forward to being part of the Sports Video Group community and contribute to the advances in production workflows.”

Digital Nirvana’s knowledge management technologies empower organizations to create, share, and mine insights from electronic media. The company’s offerings include an advanced speech-to-text (STT) engine for generating accurate and searchable transcripts of programs and identify key segments of content and quickly cut them into finished programs. Digital Nirvana also focuses on automatic generation of accurate closed captions from the transcripts that can be instantly translated into multiple languages. The company drives custom production workflows through a comprehensive portfolio of solutions including media monitoring and analysis; generation and management of closed captions, subtitles, transcripts, and metadata; and advanced AI-based technologies.

Users are able to capture rich metadata for identifying logos, faces, and objects in a video stream and instantly identify every instance in which a sponsor’s logo is shown to confirm contractual obligations – and down the road to leverage object identification for myriad new sponsorship opportunities.

As cloud-based AI and ML solutions continue to transform and accelerate virtually every aspect of content creation and distribution, Digital Nirvana’s AI-based solutions drive custom production workflows. Digital Nirvana’s compliance-driven solutions deliver unmatched quality, proven versatility, and best-in-class performance to help organizations surmount difficult business challenges and drive rapid and profitable growth.

Customers in the sports production industry rely on Digital Nirvana solutions to improve operational efficiencies, ensure compliance, reduce costs, and expand revenue streams.

“Sports operations are challenged like never before to deliver engaging video content to their viewers in the tightest-possible timeframes,” adds Wise. “Our portfolio of AI- and ML-based solutions are helping sports organizations around the world to streamline critical processes – from generating transcriptions to delivering compliant closed captions. And we’re right on the cusp of a new age of AI- and ML-based capabilities that are opening up huge new potential for content repurposing and monetization.”

Recently, the U.S. Tennis Association (USTA) leveraged Digital Nirvana’s AI-driven post-production captioning service Trance to accelerate the efficiency and speed of their caption generation process. As a non-profit organization with more than 700,000 members, USTA is responsible for making high-value video content available for free streaming on its platform and social media platforms. These videos range anything from instructional videos and training courses to up-to-the-minute highlight reels of the most-watched events in the tennis world. USTA’s previous captioning process was time-consuming and inefficient, relying on manual tasks and transcripts generated by a third-party speech-to-text service that lacked an effective captioning integration tool for Adobe Premiere Pro. Depending on the length of the video program, captioning was taking several hours – an unsatisfactory turnaround, especially for timely content such as the latest news from the U.S. Open.

With Trance, USTA was able to reduce the turnaround time for captioning an average video from hours to only 30 minutes. Digital Nirvana’s AI-based speech-to-text algorithms generate a transcript, validate its accuracy, and then burn captions into the video. Digital Nirvana’s solution Trance has met and exceeded USTA’s captioning requirements in several ways as they gained rapid turnaround time that is virtually unheard of in the captioning industry with captions that are 100-percent accurate and display with minimal delay as the text is spoken.

For more information about Digital Nirvana, click here.

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