SafeSite Offers End-to-End Mobile COVID Testing, Vaccine or Test Results Verification via Apps

With more and more sports productions and stadiums requiring COVID vaccination or testing of workers and fans, the next challenge becomes how to easily verify COVID status safely, quickly, and securely. That’s where SafeSite Health, a mobile diagnostic and COVID testing and technology company, comes in.

The SafeSite Scan Pass can be stored on the users phone.

SafeSite Health has been using its digital health PASS app technology to manage its onsite COVID testing for major sports leagues, teams, and universities since the start of the pandemic and is now making its technology available to the wider sports industry and public.

The SafeSite PASS app enables people to upload their vaccination card and/or latest test result and then receive a personalized and protected QR code which displays their health status. Their SafeSite PASS QR code can be easily scanned using SafeSite’s companion app, SafeSite SCAN, enabling employers, stadium security and more to quickly and securely digitally check their employees and fans COVID status. SafeSite’s end-to-end technology solution means no more long lines with employees and fans carrying their CDC vaccination card.

Brad Sexton, President & CEO of Live Media Group Holdings, who is a Safesite advisory board member, says the idea for SafeSite PASS was born out of diagnostic testing efforts where QR codes became the best way to connect a test result with an individual.

“We realized that the SafeSite SCREEN business and its QR code based technology can change the game for both consumers and businesses in testing and vaccination status requirements,” says Sexton. “Users click on a browser or download the app, create a profile, and get their QR code. In the case of a testing protocol, SafeSite marries the QR code on their mobile device to a QR code on the testing tube that goes into the lab. When the results are ready, the tube is scanned, and results are sent immediately to the APP on the person’s phone.”

Once vaccinations became a reality, the next challenge was figuring out the best approach to make it easier for people to carry a digital version of their vaccination status without having to use a “CDC issued cardboard, library card like identifier.” State and local government run apps that don’t cross state lines and other commercial apps, such as Clear, provide one-time QR codes that are specific to a single event and can be scanned by any QR reader or camera on a mobile device to access the user’s private health data. But SafeSite PASS provides a continuously updated universal COVID status health pass for each individual with a focus on user data privacy.

Part of the SafeSite business model is based around free mobile apps, one for the consumer who has been vaccinated or tested and one for the business partner to quickly see whether or not a person has been vaccinated or tested recently. Commonly used at a venue, gate entrance or at security, the marriage of the PASS and SCAN apps verify the status of the general public as the country tries to control community spread and keep the nation open and operating in a responsible way.

“The system begins with the users uploading a digital version of their vaccination card,” says SafeSite Founder and CEO, Lauren Sexton. “It’s then validated by the SafeSite backend tech team after going through an artificial intelligence layer of verification as well as visual approval.”

That verified data resides only in the SafeSite database. When a client uses the SafeSite SCAN app, they are simply verifying the QR code. There is no need for personal user data to be shared with any organization ahead of time. This system’s structure opens up opportunities from the largest to smallest businesses to use the technology such as a small restaurant or bar located next to a stadium and the stadium itself using SafeSite PASS and SCAN. Businesses simply download the SCAN APP and scan their customers without having to go through a laborious process of visual vaccination cards and/or having secure systems in place to receive personal private customer health data.

“The real differentiator is that SafeSite is not sharing user data with any third parties,” says Lauren Sexton. “SafeSite has vaccination status, a photo of the user, a permanent QR code, and recent test results within the app. Users upload vaccination and test results, and we verify them on our back end database. When consumers go to security or admission at an event, someone scans a QR code to validate your status. Think of it as boarding a flight, sure you can show your boarding pass, but airline policy is to scan the QR code boarding pass to verify its validity.”

Key to the technology offering is to make it free, secure, and ensure privacy by not ever sharing the data with third parties. Aaron Earls, SafeSite advisory board member, says the tagline “your health records in your hands” is something that the company takes seriously. “We want to empower people to have their records at their fingertips, under their control, especially offering strict privacy features,” says Earls. “The user controls their own health data.”

The SafeSite apps are free for partners using less than 20,000 scans per month. Earls comments, “the goal is to offer our technology broadly in the marketplace so every site from the largest stadium to the local restaurant can be a safe site.” The company was started out of a frustration in the marketplace, the lack of companies taking a proactive testing approach where the well were tested in a time sensitive fashion, making sure there was no sickness amid the well.

“This company was founded to do our part to try and bring a normal way of life to consumers and businesses,” he says. “This pandemic will most likely be in our lives for a long time and a ‘for purpose’ approach is all of us doing our part to contribute to a solution” adds Lauren Sexton. “This is why we are now making our PASS and SCAN technology available to the wider public.”

Earls adds that SafeSite is the one company that has an end-to-end solution for COVID testing and health status checks.

“Many of our partners are using all three of our services, SCREEN, PASS and SCAN to deliver the safest and most efficient experience for their customers,” he says.

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